An extremely rare Rolex watch was sold at Christie’s auction in New York for $1,145,000, way over its pre-auction estimate.

Million Dollar Rolex Watch

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The 2012 Veyron’s power has been increased from 1001 bhp to 1200 horse power and 922 to 1106 lb-ft of torque. Unbelievable!


Bonhams is going to sell a unique and extremely rare Charlie Chaplin movie titled ‘Zepped’ on June 29. The 35mm film roll which is believed to be last surviving copy of this film is expected to fetch six-figures at the auction.

Charlie Chaplin in Zepped

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\"MASK SERIES 99-A-2\"
Bonhams lot#172, Monte Carlo, MCO, 5/20/06

First supplied to Turin-based Scuderia Subalpina, who ran it in the 1935 Mille Miglia. Likely to have gained the current 1500-cc motor for the 1938 race. Uniquely rebodied without cycle fenders and with a wider body before 1969, when Briggs Cunningham acquired it. Restored at some time, then static in the Rosso Bianco Collection for years; full re-commissioning is required. Various paint marks, drab interior, and disappointing engine bay presentation.

Despite its completely changed appearance, the car’s long-ago race history is sufficiently gilt-edged to justify the bid, a figure at least one other person was also nearly prepared to match on sale day. Will the new owner leave this car as it is today… or want to be a time traveller and re-enact its 1935 Mille Miglia appearance as recorded in period race photos? Either way, more money is due to make it go properly.

We found a cool real estate for sale on JamesList today: a XVII century, fully restored ancient guard palace is for sale for € 1,000,000 ($1,446,000). It is located in Umbria, Italy and is advertised as best used for an accomodation business, but who knows, maybe you just want to dress up in medival costumes every now and then and use it as your private escape from your present time.

Ancient Guard Palace in Umbria

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