ferrari sale trending tweets on Twitter as of May 25, 2013

basitj: Red BlackBerry Z10 for sale in St. Catherines. Grab it now :
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EddieCal_: @Ferrari_______ shit was on sale lol
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CoasterCoaster: RT @lucascaster: #sport #fast #cars 48 Hrs left to enjoy 25% off: shop the #MemorialDay Sale @ferraristore #Ferrari #Gadgets use code
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blessed2blessin: “@Esthela777:
Excellence & Greatness NEVER Goes On Sale..It Costs What It Costs.

I Am Yet To See a Ferrari Or A Mercedes 50% Off..

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Cynthia29895624: RT @Esthela777: Excellence# and Greatness#

NEVER Goes On Sale..

It Costs What It Costs..

I Am Yet To See a Ferrari Or A Mercedes 50% Off 🙂

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lucascaster: #sport #fast #cars 48 Hrs left to enjoy 25% off: shop the #MemorialDay Sale @ferraristore #Ferrari #Gadgets use code
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ferrari_lane: RT @Louis_Tomlinson: More shows are on sale nowwwwwww!!!!!!! Ahhhhh 🙂 new dates are croke park on 25th May, manchester on 1st June and London on 8th june 🙂
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DREAMPROFIT: The silver Ferrari. This one is still for sale if you’re interested in owning a Ferrari. Top-speed is around 220 mph!
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BarrieCrampton: A rather beautiful Ferrari Daytona coming up soon @rmauctions sale tonight
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torqueman: Currently sitting in a Ferrari Daytona ready to drive it and other cars over the block at the RM Villa d’Este sale
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billybogz: Why don’t buy more lambo or ferrari LOL RT @Milangirls: Tuttosport also claims that the money from the sale …
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ferrari_lane: RT @TicketmasterIre: @NiallOfficial second Irish date on 25 May 2014 is ON SALE NOW @CrokePark #1DDay
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Ferrari_Cindy: RT @NiallOfficial: ahhhhhhhhhhh just found out the croke park show is sold out..holy shit!
im sooo excited to announce a 2nd night 25th of now on sale
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ferrari_lane: RT @TicketmasterIre: #1DDay @onedirection have just added a SECOND date @CrokePark Dublin on 25 May 2014. Tickets are ON SALE NOW
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Ferrari_Cindy: RT @Harry_Styles: Tickets are on sale! Please remember to only buy from official outlets. There’s some pesky people out there, can’t wait to see you!! Gaahh
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ferrari_lane: RT @NiallOfficial: “Where we are tour is on sale ” aaaaggghhhhhhhhh!
2013-05-25 09:04:34 · Reply · View

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