Super Expensive Diamond Rings for the Elite Taste

At, one can “shop the world’s most beautiful things,” and these gorgeous diamond rings are no exception. Being a symbol of class, status and taste, diamonds come in numerous colors, shapes and sizes from various parts of the world. And while these stones may be known for being formed under stress, it may be only half of the pressure you feel making the million-dollar purchase. Here are 3 super-expensive diamond rings for the [...]

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Super Expensive Fancy Color Diamonds: Red, Blue, Pink and Green

Diamonds are known to be ‘a girl’s best friend’ as well as the go-to wedding and engagement gem. And while we hear about diamonds in songs and see them in everything from ads to movies, many people lack a common knowledge of these super popular jewels. Surprisingly, clear, or colorless diamonds, are not more precious than their vibrant counterparts. Colored diamonds are costlier, because of their rarity, and are graded on a scale from [...]

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6 Watches that Cost $1 Million

Yachts are a huge status symbol for the super wealthy (no pun intended): There is a story about a billionaire who pulled his yacht alongside that of another’s and yelled out “mines bigger than yours!”. But what about those moments when you can’t bring your luxurious yacht along? My dear friend, that is what your Richard Mille watch is for! Here are 6 timepieces that cost about one-million dollars each. Let’s begin our [...]

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Unique Pink Diamond Sets Record with 30,826,000 CHF price

'The Unique Pink' diamond ring was sold for a stunning 30,826,000 CHF (around $31Million) at "Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels and Nobel Jewels" auction in Geneva. The record setting jewelry is a pear-shaped fancy vivid pink diamond weighing 15.38 carats. It is mounted as a ring. Learn more about the auction at Sotheby's auction site

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The ‘Graff Ruby’ sold for 8,285,000 CHF ($8,543,351)

An amazing and very important jewelry, called the "Graff Ruby" was sold at Sotheby's "Magnificent Jewels and Nobel Jewels" auction for over 8 million dollars (8,285,000 CHF) It was part of the Dimitri Mavrommatis collection and it weights 8.62 carats. From the lot's note: This spectacular gemstone was first sold at auction nearly nine years ago. It quickly soared to some six times its low estimate and was purchased by the celebrated jeweller Laurence Graff establishing [...]

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