Million dollar vacation package by the Emirates Palace resort in Abu Dhabi

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This might very well be the most expensive organized vacation deal ever. The 28 day travel package costs $1,000,000 which makes it a $35,714 per day vacation. 

Emirates Palace Hotel - BBQ Al Qasr Restaurant

Emirates Palace Hotel - BBQ Al Qasr Restaurant

The vacation package includes:

  • First class return trip from any international destination serviced by Etihad Airlines to Abu Dhabi
  • Seven night stay in a 680 sqm Palace Suite at Emirates Palace on an all-inclusive basis.
  • Chauffeur driven Maybach at your disposal daily during your stay in Abu Dhabi
  • Daily spa treatment in the Anantara Spa
  • Day trip in private jet to Iran to create your own Persian carpet from the most exclusive and well-renowned hand-maker
  • Day trip in private jet to the Dead Sea Jordan to experience the famous sea and an afternoon Anantara spa treatment in the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar
  • Day trip to Bahrain in private jet for a pearl deep sea experience. Your pearl will then be hand designed with jewellery settings
  • Royal Golf experience at Abu Dhabi Golf Club
  • Make your own perfume with experts from YAS Perfume
  • Deep sea fishing trip
  • Gifts including champagne sunset and desert island tour.
  • Gifts including the rarest pearls in the world from Robert Wang and a selection from Holland & Holland Sporting Guns

More info on the Emirates Palace Hotel website and also in the Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Report.


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  • Wow now all you need is your own private jet !

  • That's quite an expensive holiday for 28 days but you get lots of goodies

  • johnbergami

    what a wonderful vacation. It comes at a hefty price though.

  • OMG! just day dreaming for this vacation…

  • That was a fantastic place!!! Very elegant and romantic. I wish I could have that kind of vacation.

  • hope i can get it in the future 🙂

  • I just read all the package features and I am exhausted. I would love to visit here. So only 1 mill huh, should be

  • Now I just need to start saving up!


  • Not a bad package. Now I just need to save up!

  • That is one heck of a vacation.

  • TrishaOsborne

    You don't need one million dollars to have a lot of fun and a superb vacation. You just need a carnival cruise line cruise. I guarantee that exotic places you will visit and the intercultural opportunities will make your vacation the best and better than the Emirates.

  • that's an expensive vacation cost

  • that's an expensive vacation cost

  • im quite scared to that place…

  • This resort is the most expensive i ever know, well it is really nice to have there if you have a budget.

  • Janice

    One million dollar travel whoah wish I could have such amount to be able to travel around the world I think the first place I would visit is Cebu

  • As

    is it not 7 days

  • 7 nights at The Emirates Palace but the trip starts in London and the whole trip is 28 days long

  • I suppose you do get what you pay for! So much money but those trips sound like they would cost a fortune alone so i guess to a point in balances out!