The original Lion costume used in the Wizard of Oz movie sells for over $3 million

Bert Lahr’s Cowardly Lion costume used in the classic Wizard of Oz movie was sold for $3,077,000 at Bonhams’ New York auction.

Lion Costume Wizard of Oz

It was one of the many items of the “TCM Presents… There’s no place like Hollywood” auction that fetched amazingly high prices, including the piano used in the movie Casablanca, which sold for over $3.4 million

The ‘Graff Ruby’ sold for 8,285,000 CHF ($8,543,351)

An amazing and very important jewelry, called the “Graff Ruby” was sold at Sotheby’s “Magnificent Jewels and Nobel Jewels” auction for over 8 million dollars (8,285,000 CHF) It was part of the Dimitri Mavrommatis collection and it weights 8.62 carats.

The Graff Ruby

From the lot’s note:

This spectacular gemstone was first sold at auction nearly nine years ago. It quickly soared to some six times its low estimate and was purchased by the celebrated jeweller Laurence Graff establishing a world record price at auction for a ruby of its size.

Mr Graff named the stone after the sale the ‘Graff Ruby’, and in a Bloomberg interview in February 2006 was quoted as saying ‘…the cut and spread of colour is the finest I have ever seen’.

Since then, the prices for truly exceptional Mogok rubies, arguably the rarest of all gemstones, have continued to soar on the very few occasions they have appeared on the market.

Read more on Sotheby’s website

Henry Graves Supercomplication watch sold for a record breaking $24 million

Completed by Patek Philippe in 1932, the Henry Graves Supercomplication watch is now the most expensive watch ever sold. It was sold for $24 million (CHF 23.2 million) at Sotheby’s Important Watches auction in Switzerland.

Henry Graves Supercomplication

You can read more about this auction and the history of the Patek Philippe watch on the Sotheby’s site or on Bloomberg’s


9505 Lania Lane, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 is the most expensive address in the USA right now

9505 Lania Lane Beverly Hills

It has 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, sits on 25 acres of land and it is the most expensive house listed on the US market currently for $195,000,000

Owned by real estate entrepreneur Jeff Greene, who spent eight years and $25 million expending the villa. It was bought by Mr Greene for $35 million in 2007 from Saudi businessman Mishaal K. Adham and his wife.

More information about this magificant property including photos can be found on the listing brokerage website

The most expensive Apple computer ever sold for $905,000

An Apple-1 computer broke the record and became the most expensive Apple computer ever sold during Bohnams’ New York auction. This Apple-1 is one of the 50 such devices ever made.

The winner was the Henry Ford museum and the winning bid including premium was a stunning $905,000, almost twice the pre-auction estimate.

Apple 1 computer
The Apple 1 computer that was sold by Bonhams for almost a million (image from

The Apple 1 computer sold by Bonhams for $905,000 (image from Bonhams)

You can read more about this record breaking auction event in Bonhams’s press release