What One Million Buys

What One Million Buys/

6 Watches that Cost $1 Million

Yachts are a huge status symbol for the super wealthy (no pun intended): There is a story about a billionaire who pulled his yacht alongside that of another’s and yelled out “mines bigger than yours!”. But what about those moments when you can’t bring your luxurious yacht along? My dear friend, that is what your Richard Mille watch is for! Here are 6 Luxify.com timepieces that cost about one-million dollars each. Let’s begin our [...]

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Top, Luxury and Multi-Million Dollar Super-Cars

Luxury sport cars have a broad appeal and represent a fantasy world to some — but to others, these luxury cars are a fantastic reality. Because of their limited production, not everyone gets the chance to own these most lavish of sport vehicles, however (thanks to the internet) there is unlimited access to view them. Focusing on W Motors and Koenigsegg, here is a look at 4 top, luxury and multi-million dollar super-wheels. Can [...]

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5 Art Pieces that Cost $1 Million Each

How much do you love art? If you are an art enthusiast, what is the highest price you will pay to have the perfect piece? Some folks feel the sky is the limit when it comes to the arts and it is reflected in the cash they fork over for a beautiful painting, sculpture, or even photograph. On 1stdibs.com (a luxury-good dealer’s ecommerce-paradise) we can find several examples of art that folks will pay [...]

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5 Celebs that will Cost you 1 Million to Book

Who is your favorite celebrity? Can you imagine spending a million plus to book them? For a select few celebrities, being booked for at least one million dollars has become a part of the job description. Artists from J-Lo to Justin Bieber enjoy being paid at cream of the crop prices, sometimes, just to make an appearance. Here are 5 celebrities that require at least one million big ones before they drop by! Jennifer [...]

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7 Beautiful Western European Luxury Homes for the Super Rich

Europe is home to some of the most beautiful countries, historical cities and stunning luxury homes! Overlooking great views and accompanied by wide open spaces, this continent has plenteous amounts of luxury to offer. From the splendor of Spain, the U.K, France and Italy, here are 7 luxury, Western European homes for near one million and beyond! Let’s start in Spain with the “Tastefully Renovated,” all white, and completely adorable, Spanish style villa is [...]

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