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Million Dollar Homes Across America 2010

It looks like CNBC’s editors are interested in the very same question that our blog seeks answers for: What can $1M green buy? Their recent article provides some insight into different US markets and examines what one million dollars can buy in real estate. Below is a clipping of the article. Credits: Paul Toscano, Producer [...]

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Tyrannosaurus Rex called Samson is for sale

Bonhams will hold their first ever Natural History auction at The Venetian(R) in Las Vegas on October 3, 2009. Among the approximately 50 lots of fossils to be auctioned, there will be a Tyrannosaurus Rex known as Samson, one of the largest known Tyrannosaurus Rex ever discovered. If you ever wanted to exhibit your very [...]

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Los Alamos photos by William Eggleston sold for $1,022,500

Photograps titled "Los Alamos, 1965-1974" by William Eggleston was sold for $1,022,500, almost two times over the pre-auction estimates. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to see larger images, but click through the image to Christie's site, then click again on the image there in order to see a somewhat larger view. From the lot [...]

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2005 Maserati Roadster MC12 listed on eBay

Lamborghini Las Vegas listed a 2005 Maserati Roadster MC12 on eBay. Currently it is tracking at $1.3M with reserve price not yet met. We previously wrote about a recent sale in 2006 of a year 2004 MC12 model, which went for little over $1M. There were only 50 built of this car in 2004 and [...]

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