Jean Baptiste Oudry’ The Watchful Doe (‘Biche aux Augets’) is sold for $1,082,500

From the Lot Notes: This remarkable, life-sized portrait of a doe suddenly alerted to an unseen danger is among the early masterpieces of Jean-Baptiste Oudry, the greatest and most celebrated animalier of the 18th century. Its reappearance in 1991 marked it as the most important addition to the artist’s oeuvre since the Second World War.

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Nude, Green Leaves and Bust by Picasso sold for $106,482,500

Yes, that’s right. Over $106 million. By an anonymous bidder. It’s over 100 times more than what we should write about here on this blog, but it is such a stunning auction event that we had to share it. So here it goes:

Pablo Picasso’s painting: “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” sold for $106,482,500 by Christie’s at the “Property from the Collection of Mrs. Sidney F. Brody” auction on May 4. There were other stunning sales but this one clearly stands out.

Nude, Green Leaves and Bust by Pablo Picasso

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Masterpieces of the Prado Museum up close

You still can’t touch this, but you can now get really up close to the masterpieces of the Prado Museum with the new Google Earth layer.

Yesterday, Google launched the Prado layer for Google Earth allowing you to explore high resolution images of 14 masterpieces exhibited at the Prado Museum in Spain.

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Asian Art Auction Week is Coming to New York

Asian Art Week in New YorkChristie’s will be holding an Asian Art Week event in New York from September 15 through 18.

The following collections will go on the block:

Many items are expected to sell in the million dollar price range and we will be covering the event as it unfolds during the week.

More million-dollar paintings sell in London this week

As we wrote about it before, both Christie’s and Sotheby’s have large, multi-day modern art sale events this week in London. New results are in from the latest auctions and many masterpieces went for around a million dollars. Below is the selection of some of the recent sales:

“Idylle” by Henri Martin – 541,250 GBP ($1,064,098)

Idylle by Henri Martin

“Les deux fusils” by Fernand Léger – 481,250 GBP ($946,138)

Les deux fusils by Fernand Leger

“La dame en rose” by Raoul Dufy – 577,250 GBP ($1,134,874)

La Dame En Rose by Raoul Dufy

“MARCHÉ À LA VOLAILLE À GISORS” by Camille Pissarro – 577,250 GBP ($1,146,245)


“JEUNE FEMME À L’OMBRELLE” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir – 505,250 GBP ($1,003,274)


“L’ARAIGNÉE VERTE” by Fernand Léger – 481,250 GBP ($955,618)

L\'ARAIGNÉE VERTE by Fernand Leger

The highest prices at Christie’s and Sotheby’s were paid for the paintings below, respectively.

“Nu sur fond rouge” by Marc Chagall – 881,250 GBP ($1,732,538)

Nu sur fond rouge by Marc Chagall

“Danseuse” by Gina Severini – 15,049,250 GBP ($29,910,384)

Danseuse by Gina Severini