Bert Lahr's Cowardly Lion costume used in the classic Wizard of Oz movie was sold for $3,077,000 at Bonhams' New York auction. Lion Costume Wizard of Oz It was one of the many items of the "TCM Presents... There's no place like Hollywood" auction that fetched amazingly high prices, including the piano used in the movie Casablanca, which sold for over $3.4 million
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Four Andy Warhol paintings - including "Liz #5", a portrait of Elizabeth Taylor - was sold for multi million dollars at the Contemporary Art auction by Phillips de Pury & Company in New York on May 12. Liz #5 by Andy Warhol Below are the title of the paintings with their respective auction results: "Liz #5" - $26,962,500 "Flowers" - $8,146,500 "Third Eye" - $7,026,500 "Witch"- $2,658,500 The paiting title "Third Eye" - pictured below - was a collaboration between Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat Third Eye by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol Source: CNN and ArtInfo    

Buy Provigil Without Prescription, Roy Lichtenstein's work "Ohhh...Alright..." sells for a record $42,642,500 at Christie's Post-war and Contemporary Evening Sale on Nov 10, 2010.

Ohhh...Alright... by Roy Lichtenstein

Plenty of Warhol, Duchamp, Koons, Purchase Provigil online, Richter, Pollock and others were also sold, many in the million dollar range so we'll have a dedicated post for those soon.

From the lot's note:

Executed in 1964, this work will be included in the forthcoming catalogue raisonné being prepared by the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation.

Painted in 1964, australia, uk, us, usa, Roy Lichtenstein's Ohhh...Alright illustrates the brash comic styling of his most celebrated period of artistic production. As with all his greatest images, at once striking and subtle, humorous and highly serious, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. Lichtenstein lifted the stunning blue-eyed, flame-haired beauty that fills the frame from the pages of a romance comic and rendered it larger-than-life. She forms part of the much admired cast of dreamgirls painted between 1961 and 1965 that saw Lichtenstein attain international prominence as one of America's most exciting and controversial artists. Buy generic Provigil, Created in conjunction with his explosive war paintings, these images of love-struck women reflect the artist's formal interest in a generic style of representation, while simultaneously addressing the cultural dichotomy between male and female stereotypes.

The visage of this 1960s sweetheart represents a single panel from a graphic love story that Lichtenstein dilated to the scale of a 36" x 38" easel painting. Buy Provigil Without Prescription, He presents this image without context, the narrative flow frustratingly incomplete. The solitary, emblematic figure leaves us guessing as to why she looks so crestfallen, buy Provigil from canada, as she mutters into the phone clutched at her ear. It captures the Pop master's innate gift for editing, capturing the telling gesture of an emotive moment. In his hands, Provigil price, the subject's corny theatricality has become an image of mystery, where the past and future events of the storyboard can only be surmised. It disrupts our desire to engage with the scenario and forces the viewer to analyse the image on its own terms. The work owes its vivid monumentality to the careful scrutiny and distillation of a pre-existing image selected from thousands of random possibilities, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. Lichtenstein then adapts his source, removing distracting details, lines, buy Provigil online cod, figures, or words to present his compositions with the ultimate clarity.

The seamless surface of Ohhh...Alright... may look as if it was rolled off a printing press in a matter of seconds, Where can i find Provigil online, but it is actually the product of a long, painstaking procedure. Lichtenstein chose the original illustration from the DC comic book Secret Hearts, which Lichtenstein has made his own by subtly manipulating its content. Buy Provigil Without Prescription, He created the prototype for the painting in the form of a small pencil drawing, where he turned the blonde girl into a redhead, and eliminated extraneous background detail. A key part of his re-composition was the removal of the speech bubble emerging from the telephone receiver that announces, "I'm sorry, where can i order Provigil without prescription, Nancy, but I'll have to break our date. I have an important business appointment." This significant adjustment not only allows the heroine to occupy more of the picture plane, but also opens up greater possibilities of interpretation, Order Provigil no prescription, while cleverly zeroing in on the essence of the scene. Lichtenstein then enlarged the image with an opaque projector to trace the outlines onto canvas, before applying color in a way that mimics the feeling and texture of newsprint.

Lichtenstein's series of romance paintings drew on the slightly dated comic books published for the burgeoning Post-War teenage market. The plotline of these stories typically follows a young girl who falls in love with a young man; a serious problem arises to threaten the relationship, and the heroine is briefly devastated before an inevitable happy conclusion, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. The appeal of both the romance and the war comic genres for their readers probably lay largely in their predictability, which emphasized the normative view of masculinity and femininity in 1950s America, buy Provigil without prescription. Men fought and won battles, while women fell in love and married. These subjects fulfilled Lichtenstein's fascination with strong visual and cultural clichés as well as his preoccupation with form and style. By selecting and amplifying the romance genre beyond all normal bounds of scale in works like Ohhh...Alright..., Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Lichtenstein sharpens its essential content - pointing out how adolescent notions of love are insistently reinforced through representation in popular culture. Buy Provigil Without Prescription, The romance comics are essentially illustrated soap operas aimed at readers presumably navigating the treacherous waters of love for the very first time. Yet Lichtenstein's paintings address an audience of sophisticated adults that will mostly have found love to be at odds with its idyllic promise. Nevertheless, few among us ever completely give up on the dream of perfect love, as the endless stream of Hollywood romantic comedies attest to every year.

For this series, where can i buy cheapest Provigil online, Lichtenstein scrutinized his female subjects, editing and re-presenting the crux of their trials and tribulations. He usually chose to depict these heroines in a moment of vulnerability, suspense, Buy Provigil no prescription, or worry to evoke an irrepressible sense of empathy in the viewer. The young woman in this painting is no different, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. Her furrowed brow, pursed lips and faltering, deflated speech clearly show she is somehow unlucky in love. Whereas his war paintings remove the internal musing their protagonists in favor of decisive, action-oriented demands, online buying Provigil hcl, the romance pictures often expose the heroine's romantic anxieties through words of empathy, hurt pride, frustration, and despair. Order Provigil online c.o.d, The snippets of conversation tend to emphasize their lack of resolution, as can be seen in the ellipses in the present work, and the closely related portrait of a blonde on the phone intoning "Oh, Jeff...I love you, too...but..." (1964), or the stammering "M-Maybe he became ill and couldn't leave the studio!" (1965), Provigil for sale. Their unresolved emotional thoughts leave them in a state of suspension, a condition that is further highlighted in paintings with titles such as Drowning Girl (1964, Museum of Modern Art, New York), Buy Provigil without a prescription, Hopeless (1963, Offentliche Kunstmuseum, Basel) and Blonde Waiting (1964, Private Collection). Buy Provigil Without Prescription, In this way, Lichtenstein deliberately exaggerates the difference between masculine action and female emotion, while foregrounding the role of representation in reinforcing these archetypes.

Tellingly, the dates of Lichtenstein's comic book paintings correspond with his own marital break-up and his choice of themes appear more than coincidental, order Provigil online overnight delivery no prescription. The war and romance series both select tense, climactic moments when the conventional images of masculinity and femininity are at their most extreme. While the men in the war scenes are all action and anger, the women for the most part appear passive, Buy Provigil online no prescription, anguished, and unable to control their destiny. The duality of these subjects may well have helped Lichtenstein to cope with the hopes and disappointments of this tumultuous time, while also indicating his pessimism in the stereotypical love story. These scenes enabled him to both mock and indulge that attraction, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. When asked by an interviewer later in life why so many of his female portraits are weeping, Lichtenstein replied, buy cheap Provigil no rx, "Well, I was in the middle of a divorce. I don't know if that had an effect, but it might have" (quoted in E. Online buy Provigil without a prescription, Richardson, "Those Lichtenstein Women", Harper's Bazaar, October 1993, p. 236), canada, mexico, india. Buy Provigil Without Prescription, Yet the reserved artist generally felt uncomfortable with this personal reading, as his friend and fellow artist Allan Kaprow confirmed, "everyone at the time thought the paintings were about his personal life, but you couldn't ask about sensitive issues like that. He'd roll his eyes and make a joke" (quoted in B. R. Collins "Modern Romance: Lichtenstein's Comic book Paintings", American Art, Provigil samples, vol. 17 no. 2, Summer 2003, p, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. 75). By 1965, Lichtenstein had finalized his divorce and he gradually phased out the comic imagery, perhaps having fulfilled his psychological need, buy cheap Provigil.

The other view of the comic based works contends that he simply chose them to create a contradictory aesthetic encounter between cool formalism and culturally low, emotionally hot subject matter. "At that time," Lichtenstein recalled, Where can i order Provigil without prescription, "I was interested in anything I could use as a subject that was emotionally strong - usually love, war, or something that was highly charged and emotional subject matter to be opposite to the removed and deliberate painting techniques. Buy Provigil Without Prescription, Cartooning itself usually consists of very highly charged subject matter carried out in standard, obvious, and removed techniques" (quoted in J. Coplands, ed., Roy Lichtenstein, Provigil trusted pharmacy, New York, 1972, p.89). Lichtenstein certainly found in this material a rich potential for the dispassionate portrayal of exaggerated emotion. Provigil price, The paradox of his work has always remained that its outward embrace of quotidian imagery belies an inward concern for art as arrangements of colors and shapes. Having developed a concern for form through years of working within an Abstract Expressionist mode of painting, the relation of a mark, or an object to the picture plane and the assertion of this surface as a finite, static zone was of the utmost importance to him.

In Ohhh...Alright..., Lichtenstein demonstrates his sense of pictorial completeness, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. Using the Ben Day process to systematize his mark making into standardized units, buy Provigil online cod, he destroys any sense of depth while highlighting the artifice of the figurative image. Lichtenstein diffused the contour of the woman's face with small dots and surrounded it with solid black contours, thereby reconciling her image with the flat plane on which the artist placed her. He designed the pretty redhead to occupy the picture plane emblematically rather than spatially and he carefully cropped her to create an equalized composition, Order Provigil from mexican pharmacy, neither horizontal nor vertical. Lichtenstein would start with a strong image, but once he had decided what to paint, he would try to see beyond its content and look at it as just marks on a canvas. Buy Provigil Without Prescription, In order to distance himself further from the subject matter he designed an easel capable of rotating the canvas so he could work on it from all angles. He would turn his paintings on their side, or upside down, buy cheap Provigil no rx, and studied them in reverse with a mirror to ensure he had achieved a tightly interlocking, all-over composition. In this way, Lichtenstein was able to treat the high drama of his images as an abstract problem in delineating space and form. Where can i buy cheapest Provigil online, His new aesthetic, one that amplified printed images in a manner that denied any record of the artist, or his artistry, was highly provocative to contemporary audiences. From the moment of its first public appearance, Lichtenstein's audacious appropriation of commercial art was recognized as an affront to the work of painters from the previous generation, buy Provigil without a prescription. Not only was his work blatantly representational after decades of denying representation, but it also aligned itself with the kitschy lowbrow tastes of the public, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. His subject matter and his methodology seemed hostile to passionately held views on originality, invention, and expressivity, as Lichtenstein played down the idiosyncrasy of the artist's hand in favor of uninflected surfaces that replicate the look of the machine-made. Provigil from canadian pharmacy, The precise, "mechanical" style Ohhh...Alright... may appear to equate his imagery with Warhol's famously stated desire to become like a machine, but Lichtenstein preferred to create single rather than the multiple images. Here, the pre-processed origin of the image is made brutally self-evident in order to dismantle the suspension of disbelief with which we, Provigil coupon, as viewers, look at reproduced images. Buy Provigil Without Prescription, The enlistment of parody complicates the reading of Lichtenstein's work, but by reproducing the reproduced, he aims to draw attention to the way people are compelled to apply meaning and value to the most basic signs. He has explained how graphic symbols triggered his emotions as a child, and how his perception shifted as an artist: "When I was a child and I looked at the comic books, Where can i find Provigil online, these women were really convincing. I really thought these were very beautiful women. Now I see the drawing in it and they don't look that way to me. I mean, you could really have a love affair with these women as a child, and now these don't mean that to me in the originals, in the comic books" (quoted in D. Sylvester, Interviews with American Artists, London, 2002, p, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. 228). There is a certain subterfuge at work here then, as Lichtenstein uses the pitfalls of romantic love to distract us from the essentially abstract colors, shapes and forms that goes into this picture's making. He has redeployed the shorthand techniques with which advertisers and illustrators conjure a sense of beauty, to signify the fiction of representation. Lichtenstein's calculated adaptation of cartoon imagery therefore reminds us that the simple surface of things does not necessarily correspond to complex reality.


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Another stunning watch sale by Christie's Buy Remeron Without Prescription, . A platinum Patek Philippe watch was sold for $602, Remeron over the counter, Remeron for sale, 500 on June 16 in New York.

Platinum Patek Philippe

From the lot's note:

SIGNED PATEK PHILIPPE, purchase Remeron online, Remeron from canadian pharmacy, GENEVE, MOVEMENT NO, buy cheap Remeron no rx. Where can i find Remeron online, 1905146, CASE NO, order Remeron online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy cheap Remeron, 4446362, REF, Remeron samples. Where can i buy Remeron online, 5016, CIRCA 2008
Cal, buy generic Remeron. Canada, mexico, india, RTO 27 PS QR nickel-finished lever movement stamped with the Geneve seal, 28 jewels, buy Remeron without prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, lateral lever escapement with three-arm one minute tourbillon carriage, gryromax balance, buy Remeron from canada, Purchase Remeron online no prescription, free sprung regulator, minute repeating on two steel gongs activated by a slide in the band, order Remeron from mexican pharmacy, Buy Remeron online no prescription, black matte dial, applied white gold Breguet numerals, Remeron coupon, Online buy Remeron without a prescription, outer disc accents, Breguet hands, order Remeron online c.o.d, Australia, uk, us, usa, arched sector for retrograde date, day, order Remeron no prescription, Online buying Remeron hcl, month and leap year apertures, subsidiary seconds combined with phases of the moon, where can i buy cheapest Remeron online, Where can i find Remeron online, circular case, stepped downturned lugs, Remeron from canadian pharmacy, Canada, mexico, india, snap on back, additional hard back, online buy Remeron without a prescription, Remeron price, case, dial and movement signed, purchase Remeron online, platinum Patek Philippe buckle
37mm diam.


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Buy Ribavirin Without Prescription, Yes, that's right. Over $106 million. Ribavirin coupon, By an anonymous bidder. It's over 100 times more than what we should write about here on this blog, but it is such a stunning auction event that we had to share it, buy Ribavirin without a prescription. So here it goes:

Pablo Picasso's painting: "Nude, Buy Ribavirin from canada, Green Leaves and Bust" sold for $106,482,500 by Christie's at the "Property from the Collection of Mrs, where can i buy Ribavirin online. Sidney F, Buy Ribavirin Without Prescription. Brody" auction on May 4. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, There were other stunning sales but this one clearly stands out.

Nude, Green Leaves and Bust by Pablo Picasso

Pre-Lot Text

Property from the Collection of Mrs, where can i find Ribavirin online. Sidney F. Buy Ribavirin Without Prescription, Brody

Picasso's Nude, Green Leaves and Bust
by John Richardson

His fiftieth birthday on October 1, 1931 came as a tremendous challenge to Picasso: a challenge so productive that the six months before and the six months after constitute an annus mirabilis. Ribavirin coupon, In the spring of 1931, he revolutionised sculpture and in the winter that followed he revolutionised our perception of that most basic subject of western art: the seated woman.

The fact that Picasso's first full-scale retrospective was looming made the challenge all the more daunting, Ribavirin for sale. The show was due to open in June 1932 at Paris's grandiose yet anything but avant-garde exhibition space, Where can i order Ribavirin without prescription, the Galerie Georges Petit. The contrast accentuated the shock of Picasso's work. This show would have world-wide repercussions; and would establish Picasso as the greatest modern artist, Buy Ribavirin Without Prescription.

Like this great Nude, where can i buy Ribavirin online, Green Leaves and Bust, Buy Ribavirin no prescription, the paintings in this dazzling series portray Picasso's beautiful blond mistress, Marie-Thérèse Walter, an innocent open-air girl with whom he had fallen obsessively in love, buy Ribavirin from canada, after picking her up outside the Galeries Lafayette, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, five years before. This simple, sweet-natured girl would remain passionately in love with him long after his affairs with other mistresses, purchase Ribavirin online no prescription. His death would leave her so bereft that she would commit suicide. Where can i buy cheapest Ribavirin online, Since Picasso was married to an exceedingly jealous and increasingly neurasthenic Russian ballerina he had been at pains to keep Marie-Thérèse hidden in art as well as in life, the earliest references to her are in code: transformed into a bowl of fruit, or a vase of flowers and, buy Ribavirin without prescription, on occasion his own penis. Buy Ribavirin Without Prescription, However, in the present painting he turned for inspiration to classical mythology. Order Ribavirin online overnight delivery no prescription, Picasso had already used the philodendron leaves in the greatest of his welded sculptures Woman in the Garden of 1929 (fig. A) which represents Marie-Thérèse as the nymph Daphne being metamorphosed into a bush. The philodendron leaves sprouting from Marie-Thérèse's side in Nude, purchase Ribavirin online, Green Leaves and Bust can also be identified as Daphne. Buy no prescription Ribavirin online, Apropos his penchant for the philodendron plant whose baroque tendrils animate other compositions in this series, notably the second version of this painting (fig. 5), painting two days later, where the arm of the sleeping nymph is turned into a lily, Buy Ribavirin Without Prescription.

As Picasso told Penrose, order Ribavirin from mexican pharmacy, he admired this plant for its "overwhelming vitality": "He once left one that had been given him in Paris in the bathroom, Order Ribavirin online c.o.d, where it would be sure to have plenty of water while he was away in the south. On his return he found that it had completely filled the little room with luxuriant growth and also completely backed the drain with its roots" (J. Richardson, buy Ribavirin without a prescription, Life of Picasso, Rx free Ribavirin, vol. III, p, Ribavirin trusted pharmacy. Buy Ribavirin Without Prescription, 443).

Besides this painting and the Nue au fauteuil noir, Australia, uk, us, usa, this series consists of other such masterpieces as The Dream (fig. 3), MOMA's Girl in Front of a Mirror (fig, Ribavirin over the counter. 4), Buy generic Ribavirin, and Girl with a Flower (fig. B), which brings this series to an end on 10 April 1932, Ribavirin price.

For all this painting's enormous importance Zervos did not include it in his catalogue, Buy Ribavirin Without Prescription. The reason. Ribavirin samples, When it came back after the 1932 retrospective, Picasso apparently asked his dealer Paul Rosenberg, who lived next door, canada, mexico, india, to allow him to hang it in his own apartment, Buy cheap Ribavirin, as we know from Cecil Beaton's 1933 photograph (fig. 1)--a photograph that used to be the only evidence scholars had of Nude, Green Leaves and Bust, Ribavirin from canadian pharmacy. This explains why it was never requested for subsequent retrospectives, Buy Ribavirin online cod, it was however include in Paul Rosenberg's 1936 show of recent work. Buy Ribavirin Without Prescription, The outbreak of World War II closed Rosenberg's Paris gallery. In May 1940, before escaping to New York, buy Ribavirin from mexico, the dealer had hidden his stock and extensive private collection in three separate places: a rented house and bank near to Bordeaux, Order Ribavirin no prescription, as well as a warehouse at Tours, under the name of a non-Jewish employee. The first two hideaways were looted by the Nazis. The warehouse, where Nude, Green Leaves and Bust was stored, was left untouched.

After re-opening his Paris gallery Rosenberg sold the painting to the Brodys in 1951; the California branch of an extended family who were amongst the most prominent American collectors of impressionist and post-impressionist art in the mid 20th century. Frances Brody was the daughter of Albert D, Buy Ribavirin Without Prescription. Lasker, the founder of modern advertising. Her step-mother was the grande-dame and philanthropist, Mary Lasker, whose New York drawing room was famed for its superb collection of Matisse paintings.

The first and only time this painting was exhibited in the United States was in a 1961 show, entitled Bonne Fête Monsieur Picasso in the UCLA Art Galleries, Los Angeles, to commemorate the eightieth anniversary of his birth. Ironically, this painting which celebrates the feminine submissiveness was executed on International Woman's Day; this would have delighted Picasso.


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