1935 4CS 1100/1500 Roadster – $819,825

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1935 4CS 1100/1500 Roadster – $819,825

\"MASK SERIES 99-A-2\"
Bonhams lot#172, Monte Carlo, MCO, 5/20/06

First supplied to Turin-based Scuderia Subalpina, who ran it in the 1935 Mille Miglia. Likely to have gained the current 1500-cc motor for the 1938 race. Uniquely rebodied without cycle fenders and with a wider body before 1969, when Briggs Cunningham acquired it. Restored at some time, then static in the Rosso Bianco Collection for years; full re-commissioning is required. Various paint marks, drab interior, and disappointing engine bay presentation.

Despite its completely changed appearance, the car’s long-ago race history is sufficiently gilt-edged to justify the bid, a figure at least one other person was also nearly prepared to match on sale day. Will the new owner leave this car as it is today… or want to be a time traveller and re-enact its 1935 Mille Miglia appearance as recorded in period race photos? Either way, more money is due to make it go properly.

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