2 New and Elite Mercedes-Benz Vehicles that cost $1 Million

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2 New and Elite Mercedes-Benz Vehicles that cost $1 Million

Mercedes Benz seems to pride themselves on luxury, craft and an element of surprise: and with two of their most recently debuted vehicles, they will receive plenty of praise and recognition. From the 2016 Maybach S-Class Pullman (Armored), and their new Mercedes Benz-Style Arrow 460 Yacht, see what exotic, million-dollar vehicles this German company has been cooking up.

While many have said the price of our first vehicle is astronomical, this bad boy will be sought after and purchased by a select few. Enter the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman. This limousine was historically used by and created for heads-of-states, royalty and the celebrity type. In the past, Bloomberg.com says the vehicle had even been used by Elvis Presley, Co-Co Chanel and Elizabeth Taylor.

In order to protect its most valuably contained dignitaries, the Pullman has been engineered to be bulletproof, claims Mercedes-Benz online. These armored limousines can handle bullets coming even from an assault weapon. The site confidently lists that this is a “…special protection vehicle”, and it provides “…comprehensive ballistic protection”. But let’s not forget that the Mercedes standard of design excellence still remains. By demonstrating what lavish exclusivity should look like, the Maybach S-Class Pullman exceeds the definition of luxury. Featuring beautiful quilt-stitched leather, pillows for comfort, multiple television screens, optimal leg room and heightened ceilings, the taste of the most prominent members of society will be well accommodated. The site also mentions that the model’s reclining seats come with leg support. The Pullman comfortably seats four passengers, facing each other. And while that last feature may lend to some awkward conversations, let’s not forget to mention this vehicle’s $1 million dollar asking price.

View the Maybach Pullman, Here

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