2016 Powerball Winners

2016 Powerball Winners

January 13

Lisa and John Robinson

Powerball winners receive check at TN Lottery headquarters

This lucky couple shared the historic $1.58 billion jackpot with two other lottery winners. Choosing a lump sum payment of $327,835,000 at Tennessee Lottery headquarters, the winners were the second winners in a row to win the Powerball in the state of Tennessee.

The Nickel 95 Trust

Nickel 95 Trust at FL Lottery headquarters

Trustee Maureen Smith walked into Florida Lottery headquarters to claim a lump-sum payment for $327,835,077 on behalf of the trust. Always playing the same lottery numbers, the winner came up big!

Marvin & Mae Acosta

These winners are the largest lottery winners in California Lottery history. Like other winners in this drawing, the Acostas hose a cash option of $327.8 million.

March 2

James Stocklas

Powerball winner James Stocklas

A resident of Pennsylvania, Stocklas won big in Florida. He took a lump-sum payment of $191,470,307 of a $291 million jackpot. Stocklas’ brother was also a Powerball winner, but unfortunately didn’t even win enough to cover lunch.

May 7

The Smith Family Lottery Pool

NJ Powerball winners

Shared by eight owners, these Powerball players won a $284 million jackpot. NJ Lottery officials were happy to announce the winners and praise them for seeking professional assistance with their win.

July 30

Robin Egg 2016 Nominee Trust

This anonymous winner took, you guessed it, a one-time cash payment of $256.3 million after winning the $487 million Powerball Jackpot. NH Lottery officials were equally happy about the large winning ticket.

September 17

William & Heather ten Broeke

Powerball Winners claim prize

This husband and wife got to claim their $246.8 million jackpot from the Georgia Lottery after their lucky numbers were drawn. Opting for a cash option, the couple walked away with $165.6 million.

November 26

Tennessee 20

TN Powerball Winners

Sometimes a winning lottery group is big. In this case, the group was made up of 20 co-workers. Splitting a $420.9 million jackpot with co-workers is something most people would be willing to do. Tennessee Lottery headquarters was full with this large group claiming their prize.

December 17


This Pennsylvania couple redeemed their winning lottery ticket at Delaware Lottery headquarters after winning the $121.6 million jackpot. Taking a $72.1 million cash option will help the couple donate to causes and charities important to them.

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