5 Art Pieces that Cost $1 Million Each

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5 Art Pieces that Cost $1 Million Each

How much do you love art? If you are an art enthusiast, what is the highest price you will pay to have the perfect piece? Some folks feel the sky is the limit when it comes to the arts and it is reflected in the cash they fork over for a beautiful painting, sculpture, or even photograph. On 1stdibs.com (a luxury-good dealer’s ecommerce-paradise) we can find several examples of art that folks will pay $1,000,000 to call their own: here are 5 of them.

Number one is a 2015 sculpture by Fernando Botero called Woman on Horse. Originally influenced by Diego Rivera, says Biography.com, Botero is a contemporary, Colombian artist with a signature style that explores human proportions. This million-dollar sculpture is a prime example of Botero’s proportion studies: the woman (and horse) in this sculpture sport overall exaggerated features. Made of bronze, this figure cost a whopping $950,000. Explore topics of balance, femininity, gender roles and craft when it comes to a critique of this piece.

Fernando’s Sculpture on 1stdibs.com

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