5 California Homes for 1 Million

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5 California Homes for 1 Million

Who doesn’t want to live in California? For the most part, this state is known for its sunshine, but California is also known for luxury homes! Let’s take a look at some beautiful Sunshine State residences from Luxuryportfolio.com that will put you at 1 million dollars.

At less than an hour away from some of Southern California’s most beautiful and prime locations is our first home at Shadow Hills California. This property comes in at $999,988 (just under a million dollars) and is large, comfortable and beautiful. Features a basketball court and a great view, you can also count on plenty of greenery.  Our Shadow Hills property is 3,444 sq. ft. and has four bedrooms along with three bathrooms. At 26 years old, this million-dollar property offers comfort, quality and luxury all in one!

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