6 Watches that Cost $1 Million

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6 Watches that Cost $1 Million

Yachts are a huge status symbol for the super wealthy (no pun intended): There is a story about a billionaire who pulled his yacht alongside that of another’s and yelled out “mines bigger than yours!”. But what about those moments when you can’t bring your luxurious yacht along? My dear friend, that is what your Richard Mille watch is for! Here are 6 Luxify.com timepieces that cost about one-million dollars each.

Let’s begin our list with the Patek Philippe Grand Complications Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002G. The Patek Philippe company has been in business for 174 years and is still going strong with their Sky Moon model. And apparently, while the rest of us our trying to simplify our lives, in the watch world it is a goal to be as complicated as possible. This watch “redefines the term grand complication,” the site’s YouTube says. The Sky Moon Tourbillon can be purchased for a mere $1,624,318!

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