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$82,117 Prize Cancels Dinner plans

$82,117 Prize For Maryland Heights Woman

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A Maryland Heights woman and a friend were on their way to grab dinner on Aug. 20 when they realized they were running low on gas.

“I told her to go ahead and run over there to get gas. She had a Lottery ticket to switch in, and I told her that I would buy some, too, and we could play them while at Waffle House,” said Stacy Barklage.

The Maryland Heights resident added that, had her friend not turned in a winning ticket, she likely wouldn’t have purchased any tickets herself.

“I always get four of the same ticket. I gave the clerk $20 and asked for any of the $5 tickets,” said Barklage.

Since the eclipse was taking place the following day, the clerk at QuikTrip, 12700 St. Charles Rock Road in Bridgeton, chose four of the Lottery’s “Eclipse Cash” tickets.

The friends played their respective tickets while waiting on their food at Waffle House.

“I scratched the first one and didn’t win anything. I thought, ‘Well, here we go again,’ and started the second one,” said Barklage. “I scratched my numbers and saw that I matched one. I started scratching the prize and noticed that there were more numbers than just $5 or $10.”

Fearing that she was reading the ticket wrong, Barklage showed the ticket to her friend and both “freaked out.”

“We got our food and never ate it and went home,” laughed Barklage.

The $82,117 winner was quick to decide how she would allocate her newfound fortune.

“Oh, my gosh, bills, bills and bills. I’ll buy a pair of shoes, too” concluded Barklage.

Eclipse Cash” was introduced on July 12 with a top prize of $82,117 in recognition of the historic “Great American Eclipse,” which took place on Aug. 21.


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