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And The Powerball Winner Is Mavis Wanczyk


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From pipe dream to reality

It has now been confirmed that Mavis Wanczyk of Chicopee, MA is the winner of the second largest Powerball drawing in history.

Wanczyk stepped forward August 24 to claim her prize at a news conference in Braintree.

The local resident who works in Chicopee says she bought several tickets but picked the numbers herself for the winning ticket. The numbers she chose were random, while others consisted of birth dates. The final number, 4, she says is her lucky number.

What’s Next For Lottery Winner

Not surprisingly, Wanczyk quit her job for good after learning she had won.

Most Powerball winners stay quiet after winning. Not Wanczyk. She was quick to claim her prize. Experts advise not to make too much noise after winning a lottery. After all, you have up to three months to claim your prize; this leaves plenty of time to formulate a rational strategy.

Final Payment Value

In addition to immediately announcing her win, Wanczyk chose a lump sum payment. Although there is much debate whether this is a smart option, she automatically had her winnings reduced from $759 million to a meager $336 million. Yes, that is still a very large sum of money, however, this will not make her P. Diddy rich.

Other Lotto Winners

Despite the attention for Mavis Wanczyk, there were many other winners in the Powerball drawing. According to ABC News, 9,397,723 other lottery winners won prizes totaling $134,981,575. Interestingly, over 10 percent of these winners reside in the state of California.

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