Auto Vivendi’s Luxury International Trip that Will Cost you $1 Million

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Auto Vivendi’s Luxury International Trip that Will Cost you $1 Million

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Who wouldn’t want to take a luxury trip? While there are countless, gorgeous locations to visit all over the world, some trips are simply more alluring than others — but have you ever heard of a travel-vacation that features the bravo of supercars? With the Around the World by Supercar trip offered by Auto Vivendi, your eyes will be opened to the wild possibilities of vacationing. After taking an excursion like this, you will never look at your holidays the same, again.

The Around the World by Supercar trip by Auto Vivendi, priced at exactly $1,283,984, offers 3 months of travel with a minimum group size of four people. Claiming this trip will be able to, “define who you are,” Vivendi says you will, not only, travel by luxury car, but also enjoy “the world’s most luxurious accommodations… and rest assured that you will have a full support crew, including medical staff, travel guides, security and mechanics in tow.”

This European supercar club is run by everyone from a managing director to an accountant. They are a 7-person, super-team describing themselves as, “the world’s largest and longest continually-established supercar club.” But what does a super-car club do anyway? And what is their purpose?

Apparently, our million-dollar trip founders are a company that offers, “’fractional-use’ access to supercars, as well as…events and experiences…” to its high-profile members. They further explain saying, “The club exists to help members live life to the full and to enjoy the thrill of living a supercar lifestyle with maximum ease, but without the significant financial burden usually associated with supercars and this way of life.” And while the folks at Auto Vivendi seemed to have invented a way to live rich without paying the full expense of it, their vacations still cost a pretty penny.

By clicking onto a tab (on their website) called ‘Experiences’, you can view the company’s various outings. Offering 19 tours, Around the World by Supercar is the company’s most expensive vacation. One of Vivendi’s less costly trips is a 3-day, supercar adventure in Wales for $2,393 — at a minimum of 6 people. But they also offer a 5-night driving excursion from Ascari to Monaco for $13,630 (also at a minimum of six people).

Another of the company’s more expensive trips is the Ultimate European Supercar Adventure for $32,168: which lasts 12 nights and includes travel from London to Switzerland — at a minimum of six people. The service of offering “group driving holidays” is original, and with an ever-refreshing crew of supercars, Auto Vivendi says their members are often some of the first to drive the latest supercar models in the world.

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