“Azaleen, 1912” by Augusto Giacometti ($944,154)

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“Azaleen, 1912” by Augusto Giacometti ($944,154)

Augusto Giacometti’s painting titled “Azaleen, 1912” was sold today in Zurich for CHF984,000 ($944,154)

From the auction catalog’s note:
“Augusto Giacometti’s still lifes were greatly sought-after even during his lifetime. This delicate motif of the azalea from 1912 is a very typical example of Giacometti’s work from the period 1910-12 and is characterised by its outstanding artistic virtuosity. The fine floral motif of the azalea fills almost the entire picture surface and is composed of dynamic flecks of colour side by side. Very typical of the works from this period, the raw canvas gleams through, intensifying the luminous presence of the blooms. These are like a mosaic of impasto colours, packed together to form the picture. Giacometti’s focus is on the colour. The painting is constructed out of colour. Various gradations of pink correspond with the green of the leaves, the warm brownish red and yellow elements, as well as the olive green background applied in square dabs of colour, conveying a mellow atmosphere. Giacometti concerned himself throughout his life with the subject of colour, including on a theoretical level, and formed his own colour theory.” – See more at Christie’s

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