Couple Wins Jackpot Playing the Same Numbers

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Couple Wins Jackpot Playing the Same Numbers

Couple Wins Jackpot Playing the Same Numbers

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Charles and Betty Otte of Perryville were on their way home from the doctor’s office when they decided to stop and check their Show Me Cash ticket.

“The wife picked the numbers. They are anniversary and birth dates. She’s been playing the same numbers ever since the Lottery started,” laughed Otte.

When Otte checked the ticket for the Aug. 28 drawing at a machine, he wasn’t sure why it was promoting him to visit a Missouri Lottery office.

“So, I had one of the cashiers in there check it, and her eyes got real big. And she said, ‘Oh, this is big,’” said Otte.

And it was big. The Ottes had won the $113,000 Show Me Cash jackpot using their special numbers: 4, 11, 16, 19 and 28.

“I went out to the car and told my wife and daughter, ‘We’ve got a little life-changing coming here,’” said Otte. “Then we all had a little cry and a laugh. But it was all good.”

The Perryville couple would like to pay off some medical bills and get rid of a credit card.

“It will feel as good as winning the money,” said Otte.

The Ottes purchased their winning Show Me Cash ticket on Aug. 22 at Rozier’s Food Centre, 217 N. Main St., in Perryville.

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