“Fuck 2002” by Yoshitomo Nara – ($672,139)

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“Fuck 2002” by Yoshitomo Nara – ($672,139)

\"Fuck 2002\" by Yoshitomo Nara

Well, now you know: The four letter word had the highest payout ever. Yoshitomo Nara’s painting titled “Fuck 2002” was bought in London on June 30, 2008 for a stunning $672,139 While the price is less than our usual threshold for coverage, but this is a major sales event nevertheless.

Yoshitomo NaraAbout Yoshimoto Nara
“Tokyo-based artist Yoshitomo Nara creates deceptively simple paintings, sculptures, and drawings that invite us to reconnect with the defiant spirit that comes with youthful optimism and the belief that we may someday be able to change the world. Like the punk rock music that inspires him, Nara’s work emerges out of the despair of feeling invisible in a world where it seems like “nothing ever happens.” Exploring Nara’s realm and its inhabitants can be as bewildering and delightful as taking one of Alice’s trips through Wonderland. His characters are devilish, fairy-tale strange, and not afraid to embrace the experiences of anxiety, fear, and escape into fantasy that define human existence at any age.” – source: San Jose Museum of Art

More about Yoshimito Nara at the Tomio Koyama Gallery’s website or read the “Little Triggers” by Sharon Mizota

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