How to Get Rich: 8 Steps to Make Your First Million Dollars

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How to Get Rich: 8 Steps to Make Your First Million Dollars

By Jeff Haden

Many people hope to get rich. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

And while inflation may have changed the standard, for many becoming a millionaire is still a common goal.

That goal is clear… but the path to that kind of wealth is often anything but.

Then again, maybe it is.

The following is a guest post from Dharmesh Shah, the co-founder of HubSpot, the inbound marketing company named to the 2016 Inc. Founders 40 list, and the author of the HubSpot Culture Code slide deck that has been viewed by 2.5 million people on SlideShare alone.

Here’s Dharmesh:

Of course, money isn’t everything. Not by a long shot. On your list of priorities, money may rank near the bottom. Everyone’s definition of success is different.

Here’s my definition: Success is making the people who believed in you look brilliant.

For me, money doesn’t matter all that much, but I’ll confess it did at one time (probably because I didn’t have very much).

So let’s say money is on your list. And let’s say, like millions of other people, that you’d like to be a millionaire. What kinds of things should you do to increase your chances of joining the millionaire’s club?

Here are the steps I’d suggest. They’re neither fast nor easy. But they’re more likely to work than the quick and easy path.

1. Stop obsessing about money.

While it sounds counterintuitive, maintaining a laser-like focus on how much you make distracts you from doing the things that truly contribute to building and growing wealth.

So shift your perspective. See money not as the primary goal but as a byproduct of doing the right things.

2. Start tracking how many people you help, even in a very small way.

The most successful people I know — both financially and in other ways — are shockingly helpful. They’re incredibly good at understanding other people and helping them achieve their goals. They know their success is ultimately based on the success of the people around them.

So they work hard to make other people successful: their employees, their customers, their vendors and suppliers, because they know, if they can do that, their own success will surely follow.

And they will have built a business — or a career — they can be truly proud of.

3. Stop thinking about making a million dollars and start thinking about serving a million people.

When you have only a few customers and your goal is to make a lot of money, you’re incented to find ways to wring every last dollar out of those customers.

But when you find a way to serve a million people, many other benefits follow. The effect of word of mouth is greatly magnified. The feedback you receive is exponentially greater, and so are your opportunities to improve your products and services. You get to hire more employees and benefit from their experience, their skills, and their overall awesomeness.

And in time, your business becomes something you never dreamed of, because your customers and your employees have taken you to places you couldn’t even imagine.

Serve a million people — and serve them incredibly well — and the money will follow.

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