3 Transportation Items that Cost a Million

Most of us use mundane modes of transportation, but those leading a lavish lifestyle use some of the world’s most expensive toys to get from point a. to point b. There are few who can afford to travel in the lap of luxury: faster, fancier and more efficiently. Coming in at about $1,000,000 each, here are 3 modes of transportation from luxury website, that reflect your vehicle dreams! The first and most exciting [...]

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Koeningsegg CCX ($1,050,000)

Image source: Universal Autosport Inspired by a Norwegian puppet movie about a bicycle repairman who invents the world’s greatest sports car, Christian von Koenigsegg set out to design one of his own. The result is the street-legal Koeningsegg CCX with the price tag of 669,000 euros ($1,050,000) It's super light, has 806 horsepower at 6,900 rpm and does great on mileage, even though the specs below are quite stunning: Performance Acceleration: 0-100 km/h (0-62 [...]

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Eclipse Aviation 400 – single engine private jet ($1,350,000)

Eclipse Aviation announced a few weeks ago that it will start taking orders for the Eclipse 400 single-engine jet, a production version of the Eclipse Concept Jet. Eclipse also claims that the new 400 model will be world's most fuel-efficient jet aircraft with less than one pound of fuel per nautical mile consumed at 330 knots. At current economics, it is priced at $1.35 million and the production version is expected to start deliveries [...]

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