7 Beautiful Western European Luxury Homes for the Super Rich

Europe is home to some of the most beautiful countries, historical cities and stunning luxury homes! Overlooking great views and accompanied by wide open spaces, this continent has plenteous amounts of luxury to offer. From the splendor of Spain, the U.K, France and Italy, here are 7 luxury, Western European homes for near one million and beyond! Let’s start in Spain with the “Tastefully Renovated,” all white, and completely adorable, Spanish style villa is [...]

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Henry Graves Supercomplication watch sold for a record breaking $24 million

Completed by Patek Philippe in 1932, the Henry Graves Supercomplication watch is now the most expensive watch ever sold. It was sold for $24 million (CHF 23.2 million) at Sotheby's Important Watches auction in Switzerland. You can read more about this auction and the history of the Patek Philippe watch on the Sotheby's site or on Bloomberg's  

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The most expensive Apple computer ever sold for $905,000

An Apple-1 computer broke the record and became the most expensive Apple computer ever sold during Bohnams' New York auction. This Apple-1 is one of the 50 such devices ever made. The winner was the Henry Ford museum and the winning bid including premium was a stunning $905,000, almost twice the pre-auction estimate. The Apple 1 computer that was sold by Bonhams for almost a million (image from Bonhams.com) The Apple 1 computer [...]

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Exclusive, limited edition t-shirts by LunyBy(tm)

Unrelated to the overall theme of this blog, but funny and cool nevertheless: We just received an email from our friends at LunyBytm that they are selling 2,000 pcs of limited edition LunyBy t-shirts with their signature, dead-&-naked bird on the front and their slogan on the back: "because lunatics need a good night sleep too". According to their announcement, they launch plenty more close to non-sense, slightly outrageous, limited edition but highly desirable products soon. Go, [...]

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