Koenigsegg CCX listed on JamesList ($1,200,500)

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Koenigsegg CCX listed on JamesList ($1,200,500)


For sale: Koenigsegg CCX (1,200,500 USD) listed on JamesList

This 2008 KOENIGSEGG CCX 2dr NEW CAR ON MSO Convertible features a 4.7 Liter, V-8 806 HP, 678 lb-ft Torque 12cyl Gasoline engine. It is equipped with a 6 Speed Manual transmission. The vehicle is BLACK with a BLACK interior. It is offered with a full factory warranty. *2008 KOENIGSEGG CCX SUPERCAR NEW CAR ORIGINAL MSO FULL WARRANTY: Here’s your opportunity to own the elusive Koenigsegg! We will consider exotic cars in trade. Rare and extraordinary, like no other supercar, the Koenigsegg delivers 806 horsepower (can even be upgraded to 900+) from a 4.7-liter V-8 with twin superchargers. The CCX is the first Koenigsegg version that is street-legal in the United States. Automotive experts agree the CCX is as sweet as supercars come, and for more reasons than just its 3.2-second rip from 0 to 60 miles an hour; its quarter-mile run in 9.9 seconds at 146 m.p.h.; or its roughly 245 m.p.h. top speed. The top speed puts this Koenigsegg in the company of the world’s fastest street cars, including the $1.4 million Bugatti Veyron. Where some supercars, like the Saleen S7, are ill-suited to the street, the Koenigsegg is fantasy car that keeps it’s promise as a viable street car. This gorgeous, ultralight supercar, built largely of carbon fiber, from the visionary designers at Koenigsegg may be the creation of the world’s greatest sports car. The Koenigsegg offers handcrafted details inside and out. The extraordinary use of carbon fiber,fine leather hides and unique interior elements results in nothing short of pure design artistry. Unlike most scissor-type doors, which are cumbersome to operate or block your entry and exit, these dihedral synchro-helix” doors are a feat of elegant engineering. Swing your arm outward, and the doors smoothly rotate forward while pivoting away from the body. The steering is perfect for this type of machine: Fast and firm, not twitchy like a racecar’s. The Koenigsegg also gets top marks for its six-speed manual transmission with a slender aluminum shift rod, an increasing rarity in this realm of sports car. This shifter can easily nail upshifts and, the manual action is a delight in this age of joyless robotic shifters. The clutch is heavy without feeling like a workout. The brakes are tremendously powerful, yet linear, sensitive and not grabby around town. While the Koenigsegg power may be raw and bracing as a hurricane, it is also more approachable than other supercars. Koenigsegg is considered the new competitor of equal or superior performance than others in the supercar class and, experts rate its appearance, coachworks and unique finishes as superior. The tactile sensations of its open roof, rear drive and manual transmission are super satisfying over other supercars closed cockpits, all-wheel-drive and dual-clutch automatics. At a svelte 2,821 pounds, the Koenigsegg weighs about 1,400 less than the 4,200-pound bugatti. All the Bugatti’s efforts can’t compensate for a poundage penalty of that weight. Further, thanks largely to the car’s slender weight and stellar aerodynamics, the fuel economy is shockingly good. With a federal mileage rating of 15 in town, 24 on the highway, the CCX avoids a gas-guzzler penalty! We are happy to manage shipment of your purchase to any location worldwide. Contact SportsCarCompany (858)452-6060 FULL VIN # YT9XH33B18A007046 – Contact Jim Lyons at 858-452-6060 or jlyons@sportscarcompany.com for more information. – Contact SportsCarCompany: JLyons@SportsCarCompany.com –

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