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Masterpieces Of Himalayan Bronzes

Below are two important gilt bronze figures – statues of Avalokiteshvara and Buddha, respectively – which were sold at Christie’s “Masterpieces Of Himalayan Bronzes” auction event.

Large gilt bronze figure of Avalokiteshvara (sold for $1,538,500)

Gilt Bronze Figure of Avalokiteshvara

From the lot description:
“Expressively cast standing with his right hand lowered in the open-handed gesture of compassion varada mudra and his left hand resting against his hips, wearing a long dhoti finely incised with alternating bands patterned with diamonds and florets, an eloborate beaded necklace, armlets and a sash, all with pendent jewels, the ears with a diamond pendant and large earrings, the chest well-defined and powerfully modeled, his face with a benign expression with large almond-shaped eyes inlaid in silver, surmounted by a headdress of crescent moons enclosing jewels, with undulating sashes flaring down to the shoulders
27 in. (68.5 cm.) high ” – More info at Christie’s

Monumental gilt bronze figure of Buddha (sold for $3,666,500)

Gilt Bronze Figure of Buddha

From the lot description:
“Seated in dhyanasana with his hands in bhumisparsa and dhyana mudra, his torso powerfully modeled wearing a tightly-fitted robe elegantly draped across his left shoulder, his face with a benign expression with large eyes and smiling lips flanked by long pendulous earlobes, his hair arranged in spiral curls, richly gilt overall
56 in. (142 cm.) high” – More info at Christie’s

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