Masterpieces of the Prado Museum up close

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Masterpieces of the Prado Museum up close

You still can’t touch this, but you can now get really up close to the masterpieces of the Prado Museum with the new Google Earth layer.

Yesterday, Google launched the Prado layer for Google Earth allowing you to explore high resolution images of 14 masterpieces exhibited at the Prado Museum in Spain.

The images have a stunning 14 gigapixel resolution, which is 14,000 times higher than the pictures you take with a 10 megapixel digital camera. The Google Earth layer also includes a 3D model of the museum and enables you to explore and navigate the building. The 14 masterpieces include The Three Graces (Las Tres Gracias), The Descent from the Cross (El Descendimiento) and The Garden of Earthly Delights (El Jardin de las Delicias) to name a few.

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