Mayweather Net Worth Now Over $1 Billion

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Mayweather Net Worth Now Over $1 Billion

Floyd Mayweather has just joined a very exclusive club. After his fight against Conor McGregor Saturday night and advancement to a 50-0 record, Mayweather will earn an estimated $300 million. This will put Mayweather in a sports billionaire club with only two other members: Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.

World Boxing Champion

Floyd Mayweather circa 2011

Winning large purses is nothing new for Mayweather. Prior to the fight with McGregor, Mayweather had earned $420 million during his career. Flash forward two years and Mayweather’s net worth has skyrocketed past $1 billion.

How Much Did Mayweather Earn Fighting Conor McGregor?

Breaking down the payout per minute and per second really reveals the earning potential of Mayweather. For Mayweather vs. McGregor he was guaranteed a purse worth $100 million, however, the real jackpot came from Showtime PPV orders. This payout ranges anywhere from $150 to $200 million.

The fight lasted 10 rounds for a total of 28 minutes, 5 seconds (Nine 3-minute rounds plus 1:05 in round 10.)  At $300 million, Mayweather’s paycheck breaks down to $3,000,000 per minute for actual fight time in the ring. This means Mayweather earned a staggering $178,041 per second!

Mayweather connected with 170 punches out of 320 thrown. Looking at stats for punches, Mayweather earned nearly $1 million for each punch thrown and $1,764,705 for every landed punch.

Averaging Mayweather’s net worth by the number of wins and fights during his career,he has earned $20 million per fight.

Does All His Money Come From Boxing?

Unlike Mayweather, Jordan and Woods have earned their fortunes mostly through corporate endorsements. Jordan has also boosted his net worth through ownership of the Charlotte Hornets.

In addition to the PPV earnings, Mayweather has made investments that have increased his bottom line. He owns his own sports promotion company, a Las Vegas strip club, and numerous properties in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami. Mayweather is also rumored to be helping friends and family by investing in medical marijuana, cosmetics, restaurants, clothing, and exotic car rentals.

Future Sports Billionaires

It is unknown who will join the sports billionaire club after Mayweather. Labron James has expressed a strong desire to join the club and potentially has the ability to do so through endorsements that supplement his playing career. James’ most lucrative endorsement is a lifetime contract with Nike.

Everyone Else

For those without the athletic ability to play professionally, there are other ways to join prestigious millionaire and billionaire clubs. There have been two lottery winners in the past two weeks who are well on their way to becoming billionaires. Mavis Wanczyk received a $759 million giant check from the MA Lottery on August 24 while Patricia Busking received a giant check from the Illinois Lottery August 25.

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