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Mega Millions Winner Patricia Busking

With all of the attention on Mavis Wanczyk last week in the Powerball drawing, there was another impressive winner who recently collected a check from the  IL Lottery.

Patricia Busking won a $393 million jackpot from the Mega Millions lottery held on August 11, 2017. She stayed anonymous and waited until August 25 to step forward and claim her prize, something typical of most lotto winners. Wanczyk, winner of last week’s Powerball drawing, was an exception to the norm and came forward almost immediately.

Waiting to step forward allowed Busking the opportunity to talk to family members and seek professional advice from financial advisers. In most cases, winners have 90 days to come forward and claim their prize.

Largest Lottery Winner in Illinois History
Patricia Busking | CNN Money

Like Wanczyk winning the largest single-ticket jackpot in history, Busking set a record in her own right. This is the largest jackpot won by a resident of Illinois. The Buskings live in Palos Heights, a suburb southwest of Chicago.

This is a large win and one of a higher value when considering Wanczyk opted for the lump sum payment of $336 million after winning a Powerball jackpot of $759 Million. Busking also chose a lump sum payment with a value of $246 million.

Considering herself an irregular lottery player, Busking put down only $5 for her ticket knowing the jackpot was high. This was a great investment considering it had a whopping 7859999900% ROI.

The Buskings say they plan to donate a portion of the winnings to charities that have played an important role in their lives and look forward to helping others with the money.


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