New $133 Million Powerball Winner in Colorado

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New $133 Million Powerball Winner in Colorado

2017 has been a generally slow year for Powerball jackpot wins. Nine and a half months into the year and there have only been six winners. Number six won on September 16, and to date, remains unclaimed.

The good news for players in a year with few winners is the ability to win bigger jackpots. Mavis Wanczyk is an example of one such person who benefits from fewer winners.

The unclaimed jackpot from Saturday’s drawing of $133 million was purchased in Grand Junction, CO. The town of 63,000 may have a new multi-millionaire, or maybe the purchaser was just passing through from another state such as Utah.

Although the State of Utah does not have a lottery, residents of Utah sometimes win big. Jay Cranney, a resident of Sandy, Utah, won a million dollars with a Mega Millions ticket purchased in Idaho. Other residents of Utah have also won big with the Idaho Lottery.

Time will likely tell who is the newest winner and where this lucky winner resides.


Judy & Mack

Saturday’s Powerball winners have been identified as residents of Clifton, CO. Read about Judy and Mack’s story here.

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