Sotheby’s Multi-Million Dollar Jewelry Line-Up

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Sotheby’s Multi-Million Dollar Jewelry Line-Up

With the 2016 record set at over $31 million dollars for the Unique Pink diamond, on May 16, 2017, Sotheby’s will be hosting their Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels, Session 3 auction in Geneva. This luxury good auctioning company was established in 1744, and being, “the oldest and largest internationally recognized firm of fine art auctioneers in the world,” they have acquired a flashy reputation. Although these items were not added to their vending roster until subsequent years, Sotheby’s is known for their fine art and jewelry auctions: let’s check out their ultra-expensive, 2017 jewelry line-up.

The Attractive Fancy Pink Diamond Ring is first up on our list. This elegant jewel is, “cushion shaped,” and weighs “21.11 carats,” Sotheby’s says. Accompanied by smaller diamonds on either side, the ring has an estimated projection of being sold anywhere from $3,056,775 to $5,092,933.

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Also featured in Sotheby’s upcoming Geneva auction are the Pair of Important Natural Pearl and Diamond Pendant Ear Clips, Alexandre Reza. With a design that is regal in nature, this jewel’s pearls, “can be considered rare and exceptional,” Sotheby’s website lists. Bid on these ear-clips at an estimated projection of $1,025,695 to $1,533,465.

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The next Geneva jewel is the Fancy Blue Vivid Diamond Ring. Valued to bid at $6,149,095 to $8,195,408, the Fancy Blue Vivid Diamond Ring is one of this session’s costlier picks. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) reports state that the Fancy Blue Vivid Diamond Ring is internally flawless.

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