The original Lion costume used in the Wizard of Oz movie sells for over $3 million

Bert Lahr's Cowardly Lion costume used in the classic Wizard of Oz movie was sold for $3,077,000 at Bonhams' New York auction. It was one of the many items of the "TCM Presents... There's no place like Hollywood" auction that fetched amazingly high prices, including the piano used in the movie Casablanca, which sold for over $3.4 million

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The most expensive Apple computer ever sold for $905,000

An Apple-1 computer broke the record and became the most expensive Apple computer ever sold during Bohnams' New York auction. This Apple-1 is one of the 50 such devices ever made. The winner was the Henry Ford museum and the winning bid including premium was a stunning $905,000, almost twice the pre-auction estimate. The Apple 1 computer that was sold by Bonhams for almost a million (image from The Apple 1 computer [...]

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Tyrannosaurus Rex called Samson is for sale

Bonhams will hold their first ever Natural History auction at The Venetian(R) in Las Vegas on October 3, 2009. Among the approximately 50 lots of fossils to be auctioned, there will be a Tyrannosaurus Rex known as Samson, one of the largest known Tyrannosaurus Rex ever discovered. If you ever wanted to exhibit your very own T.Rex in your living room, this is the time to get it. You still have over a month [...]

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