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2016 Powerball Winners

2016 Powerball Winners January 13 Lisa and John Robinson This lucky couple shared the historic $1.58 billion jackpot with two other lottery winners. Choosing a lump sum payment of $327,835,000 at Tennessee Lottery headquarters, the winners were the second winners in a row to win the Powerball in the state of Tennessee. The Nickel 95 Trust Trustee Maureen Smith walked into Florida Lottery headquarters to claim a lump-sum payment for $327,835,077 on behalf of [...]

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CA Lottery Officials Announce $6 Million Scratcher Game Winner

Lazo Vitelin needs to make a big decision. As a CA lottery winner, should he take $20,000 payments each month for the next 25 years or should he take a cash payment of $3.5 million? Vitelin won $6 million Monday with a $10 scratcher ticket. Sounds like a dilemma most of us would wish to face. If he takes the advice of some experts he would opt for the lump sum payment. The reason? They [...]

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