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1962 Maserati 5000 GT Frua Coupe – $1,100,000

Sold in Pebble Beach, CA, USA on August 19, 2007 for $1,100,000 The 5000GT was a car with which Maserati defined a new segment, the ultra-luxury sports car. This car, of which a mere 34 examples were built by the factory, was derived from the combination of a modified 3500GT coupe chassis and a detuned 450S sports racing car engine. The first was built at the behest of the Shah of Iran, who yearned [...]

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Ferrari F50 Coupe Listed on eBay for $985,000

9 days left from the Ferrari F50 auction on eBay. The car is listed for $985,000 and 5 offers were rejected so far. I will update this post after the auction is over with the final going price if any.   According to Wikipedia, only 349 was made, so this is truly a collector car.

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