McLaren x Mercedes Benz Owners Reunion in Monaco

McLaren in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz is throwing a very exclusive party, the only qualifications are 1) you're currently in Monaco for the F1 Grand Prix, and 2) You are either one the owners of the McLaren F1 team, own a McLaren Race Car, a McLaren F1 car, Mercedes x McLaren SLR, or the latest revision of the SLR the Mercedex x McLaren 722. Exclusive indeed.

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McLaren F1 for sale in Basel, Switzerland

Found on JamesList and listed by Turbo-Car-Trade, a 1994 McLaren F1 is for sale for €2,000,000. The car had one owner, supposed to be in excellent condition with only 6338 mi. We wrote about previous McLaren sales and the special edition McLaren LM FM which was promised to Hamilton prior to wining the last year F1 competition. If anybody has information about whether he has actually got the car, please do share. [...]

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McLaren F1 on the auction block on October 29

A 1997 McLaren F1 will be listed for sale during the "Automobiles of London" auction by RM Auctions on October 29. The 627 bhp F1 had held the record of the fastest production car for over a decade with the top speed of  243 miles per hour (391 km per hour). This 1997 McLaren has a pre-auction estimate price of 1,100,000 GBP-1,400,000 GBP ($1,971,310 - $2,508,940) Follow the auction on the RM Auctions site  [...]

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