Extra Rare: Ferrari F50 RHD for sale

One of the two ever made, right hand drive, factory built Ferrari F50 is for sale on JamesList. Price is available only upon request, but knowing the price of less rare F50s, this will most likely be in the million dollar range. Just guessing here, we may never know. If the ex-Sultan of Brunei wants to disclose the asking price to us, we are listening, just send us an email :)

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1996 Ferrari F50 sold

At the same auction where the record breaking McLaren F1 sale took place, RM Auctions sold a 1996 Ferrari F50 for £319.000 (~$516,365). We wrote about an F50 auction on eBay earlier. That car was listed for $985,000 and - as to our knowledge - went unsold. Unfortunately, we did not record the chassis number for that car and the eBay auction has expired, so there is no easy way to tell, whether these are the [...]

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Ferrari F50 Coupe Listed on eBay for $985,000

9 days left from the Ferrari F50 auction on eBay. The car is listed for $985,000 and 5 offers were rejected so far. I will update this post after the auction is over with the final going price if any.   According to Wikipedia, only 349 was made, so this is truly a collector car.

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