Adopt the Amazon

Every now and again there is an environmentalist group picketing the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest. For those unfamiliar with the Amazon Rainforest, it is a moist broadleaf forest located in the Amazon Basin of South America. The area, also known Amazonia, the Amazon Jungle or the Amazon Basin, encompasses seven million square kilometers (1.7 billion acres), though the forest itself occupies some 5.5 million square kilometers (1.4 billion acres), located within nine nations: [...]

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Winner pays over $2 million for the lunch with Warren Buffett

In our previous post, we speculated whether the Warren Buffett power lunch would go over a million dollars this year. Well, the result is in and it is way over a $1 million. The winning bid is $2,110,100 , which is almost 4 times of what was paid last year for the same auction ($650,000) According to Bloomberg, Zhao Danyang, the hedge-fund manager of Pureheart China Growth Investment Fund (Shenzhen, China) had the winning [...]

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