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Reidsville man says Powerball win got his heart racing

Reidsville Man Says Powerball Win Got His Heart Racing Timothy Bolick of Reidsville is wrapping up one of the biggest weeks of his life with a $200,000 Powerball win. “I’m still pinching myself,” Bolick said. “I can’t believe this is all happening.” Within the same week, the recently retired machine repairman turned 62, won $200,000 in the Aug. 23 Powerball drawing, and celebrated the birth of his grandson. Bolick’s good fortune started when he [...]

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St. Louis Man Gets More Than He Anticipated

St. Louis Man Gets More Than He Anticipated The excitement over a $20,000 Missouri Lottery Scratchers prize got the best of St. Louis resident Rorvick Shields. “I won $20,000 on the left corner (of the ticket), and I didn’t even finished scratching,” said Shields. Enamored by the sight of a $20,000 prize, Shields called his girlfriend with the news and asked her to take off Tuesday, Aug. 29, so they could go claim the [...]

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CA Lottery Officials Announce $6 Million Scratcher Game Winner

Lazo Vitelin needs to make a big decision. As a CA lottery winner, should he take $20,000 payments each month for the next 25 years or should he take a cash payment of $3.5 million? Vitelin won $6 million Monday with a $10 scratcher ticket. Sounds like a dilemma most of us would wish to face. If he takes the advice of some experts he would opt for the lump sum payment. The reason? They [...]

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Mega Millions Winner Patricia Busking

With all of the attention on Mavis Wanczyk last week in the Powerball drawing, there was another impressive winner who recently collected a check from the  IL Lottery. Patricia Busking won a $393 million jackpot from the Mega Millions lottery held on August 11, 2017. She stayed anonymous and waited until August 25 to step forward and claim her prize, something typical of most lotto winners. Wanczyk, winner of last week's Powerball drawing, was [...]

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Winning Powerball Ticket For Second Largest Jackpot Announced

A winner has been announced for the Powerball drawing held on August 24. The winning numbers drawn were 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, 4. The lucky winner bought the winning ticket in Chicopee, Massachusetts at a Pride Station and Store. The cashier working at the store believes the ticket was sold to a middle-age woman at around 2:30 pm. According to CNN, It is unknown at this time if the ticket was purchased by [...]

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