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2016 Powerball Winners

2016 Powerball Winners January 13 Lisa and John Robinson This lucky couple shared the historic $1.58 billion jackpot with two other lottery winners. Choosing a lump sum payment of $327,835,000 at Tennessee Lottery headquarters, the winners were the second winners in a row to win the Powerball in the state of Tennessee. The Nickel 95 Trust Trustee Maureen Smith walked into Florida Lottery headquarters to claim a lump-sum payment for $327,835,077 on behalf of [...]

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Couple Wins Jackpot Playing the Same Numbers

Couple Wins Jackpot Playing the Same Numbers Charles and Betty Otte of Perryville were on their way home from the doctor’s office when they decided to stop and check their Show Me Cash ticket. “The wife picked the numbers. They are anniversary and birth dates. She’s been playing the same numbers ever since the Lottery started,” laughed Otte. When Otte checked the ticket for the Aug. 28 drawing at a machine, he wasn’t sure [...]

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