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Mao and Two Marilyns

Two Andy Warhol pieces went for over one million dollars yesterday in London at Christie's "Post-War & Contemporary Art Evening Sale" "Mao" - £657,250 ($1,140,986) "Two Marylins" - £3,737,250 ($6,487,865)

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Mao by Andy Warhol sold for $1,078,712

Andy Warhol's work titled "Mao" was sold in London on June 30 within the "Post war and contemporary art" auction for £541,250 ($1,078,712) The evening's highest price was paid for Francis Bacon's "Three Studies for Self-Portrait", a stunning £17,289,250 ($34,457,486) As always at Christie's modern art auctions, there were many great artworks bought, including Subodth Gupta's "Dubai to Calcutta #19" work for £313,250 ($624,307); pictured below:

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