McLaren x Mercedes Benz Owners Reunion in Monaco

McLaren in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz is throwing a very exclusive party, the only qualifications are 1) you're currently in Monaco for the F1 Grand Prix, and 2) You are either one the owners of the McLaren F1 team, own a McLaren Race Car, a McLaren F1 car, Mercedes x McLaren SLR, or the latest revision of the SLR the Mercedex x McLaren 722. Exclusive indeed.

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The Pearl Carpet of Baroda sold at Sotheby’s for over $5 million

Sotheby’s recently sold one of the most exquisite carpets for $5,458,500 in Doha on March 19. As the catalog note says: “The Pearl Carpet of Baroda is an extraordinary work of art that is a true testament to the wealth, sophistication, and grandeur of the legendary courts of the maharajas as well as an extant example of the fabled riches of India.” Hold your breath: This legendary carpet is made of approximately 1.2-1.5 million [...]

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Maserati MC12 Corse Sells for $2.2 Million at Auction

Maserati road cars hold a unique appeal, and there is no doubt the Quattroporte and GranTurismo are truly desirable and rare. However there is one Trident-badged car that can eclipse them both: even more desirable, and far rarer, is the MC12 road-going supercar. Only fifty examples were built, so catching a glimpse of one of these 6-liter V12-engined monsters could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The most exclusive variant is the MC12 Corse, limited to [...]

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