Murcielago by Prindville Prestige

Prindville Prestige has put together an all carbon fiber skinned Lamborghini Murcielago, bumpers, doors, front bonnets, rear engine cover, quarter panels, skirts, everything is redone in carbon fiber. It's interior is treated with not standard leather, or even an exotic such as ostritch but frog skin and cnc'd aluminum treatments adorne the interior. All this Carbon, Frog Skin, Aluminum and V12 can be yours for a smidge above $1,000,000.

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Lamborghini Reventon for sale at Silicon Valley Auto Group

Silicon Valley Auto Group listed a Lamborghini Reventon for sale Three months after the arrival of the first Reventon to the US, it is now up for sale. Back in May, we wrote about the first Reventon when it arrived to Las Vegas. This is the same car and it made its way to the Silicon Valley. See the pictures below taken at the Silicon Valley Auto Group's Los Gatos lot. The [...]

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Lamborghini Reventon

Based on the Murcielago model, the Reventon has ~650 bhp @ 8000 RPM and cost 1 million EURO. A total of 20 was produced, but some source says the number of Reventon cars might be up to a 100. Source and more reviews

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