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Press release: officially launches today

Fredrik Karlberg, Marketing Director of Stockholm, Sweden based emailed me to announce that JamesList – a global luxury marketplace – officially launched today. JamesList is a classified ads site focusing on high value, luxury items in many categories including cars, motorcycles, watches, yachts, jets and more. I am not sure who James is – vs Craig Newmark of – but certainly a good, brandable name for their site. I shall ask. According [...]

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Wittelsbach diamond breaks world records

During Christie’s “Jewels: The London Sale” event on December 10, the historic Wittelsbach diamond was sold for a astonishing £16,393,250 ($24,311,191) and became the most expensive diamond and most expensive jewelry ever sold at an auction. According to Christie’s, the 35.56ct diamond (sometimes just referred as the Wittelsbach) was purchased by the leading international jeweller Laurence Graff, bidding against Aleks Paul of Essex Global Trading. […]

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Patek Philippe watch sold for $475,000

The Patek Philippe watch below was sold for "only" half a million dollars, so it's a little bit short of our usual selection criteria, but nevertheless, this is one of the most expensive Patek Philippe I've ever seen and in its category, this sale event certainly worth mentioning. It is a platinum automatic perpetual calendar wristwatch with retrograde date and phases of the moon. The Patek Philippe No.1908044 Ref.5013P was launched in 1992 and [...]

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