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The Greek Sale by Sotheby’s

“The Arrival of Karaiskakis at Faliro” by Constantinos Volanakis found a new owner in London for 1,609,250 GBP
($ 2,386,034)

According to Sotheby’s catalogue note: “Never before offered at auction, The Arrival of Karaiskakis at Faliro, is the most important work by the artist to appear on the international art market. Most historical works by Volanakis of this scale and importance are in museums, institutions and corporate collections, making this painting one of the few examples still in private hands.

This monumental scene from the Greek War of Independence celebrates the arrival in 1827 of the fledgling Greek navy and one of its commanders, Georgios Karaiskakis, on the shores of Faliro, near Piraeus, in preparation for the campaign to liberate Athens, under siege from Ottoman forces. Altogether some ten thousand Greek soldiers convened at Piraeus. The fleet was made up of vessels assembled by various islands and forces under the command of Karaiskakis and the English philhellene, Lord Cochrane, the first ships landing in Piraeus on 5 February 1827. Karaiskakis was mortally wounded during the ensuing confrontation on the open plain between Piraeus and Athens, and died on 23 April 1827, going down in Greek history as one of the greatest heroes of the war.”

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