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Twitter Tweets about McLaren as of April 16, 2009

noSPicedhAM: @leonardodm Have been thinking the same thing. It’s the new McLaren diffuser, Mosely! #f1
2009-04-17 03:47:25 · Reply · View
craig_steele: – Hamilton and McLaren back on form in practice 1.
2009-04-17 03:44:06 · Reply · View
alex_roberts: Hamilton/McLaren fastest in P1. Ferrari mid-pack. Ferrari’s season could ruined by not having the new diffuser ready.
2009-04-17 03:39:51 · Reply · View
sidepodcastdrop: image: revised mclaren splitter.png has been added to sidepodcast @
2009-04-17 03:39:38 · Reply · View
stuwaterman: #F1 Practice 2 in 2hr 30min. Live vid feed at Only practice, but McLaren looking much improved. Brawns still smoothest.
2009-04-17 03:39:27 · Reply · View
GalassiAndSons: The McLaren double decker diffuser has demonstrably made the performance difference just now, with Button, Hamilton currently level. #f1
2009-04-17 03:39:22 · Reply · View
F1Updates: (F1Technical) McLaren recovers with new diffuser as Hamilton is on top #f1 #news #motorsport
2009-04-17 03:35:18 · Reply · View
nicholas_c: Holy cow McLaren, Where the hell did that come from!!!
2009-04-17 03:34:44 · Reply · View
Sp4rkR4t: Wow, McLaren are back already. Hamiliton’s car is looking good.
2009-04-17 03:31:24 · Reply · View
kaleemux: #LINK McLaren’s Dennis quits Formula 1 [BBC] Ron Dennis… ending his 43-year involvement in Formula 1 #F1
2009-04-17 03:31:19 · Reply · View
F1grid: Friday Practice Session #1 is over. McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton set the fastest time of the session. #F1 #Formula1
2009-04-17 03:30:30 · Reply · View
f1_fans: @cholle2001 apparently they’ve got an updated one too (as have McLaren) I haven’t spotted any photos yet though #renault #diffuser
2009-04-17 03:28:55 · Reply · View
jeloz: Lots of graining issues with Tyres #F1 – Practice session – Mclaren looking strong..
2009-04-17 03:28:16 · Reply · View
leonardodm: Who called McLaren a team of cheap shots ? #liargate #f1
2009-04-17 03:21:48 · Reply · View
paddocktalk: 9′ McLaren said to be struggling a bit with graining. Even on the Mediums. #f1 #formula1
2009-04-17 03:21:22 · Reply · View
carfinanceuk: McLAREN RESTRUCTURES GROUP TO CREATE INDEPENDENT McLAREN …: European Motor News. Covering the Daily Motor News..
2009-04-17 03:20:35 · Reply · View
F1racing: NEWS: McLaren’s Dennis quits Formula 1 [BBC] Ron Dennis … ending his 43-year involvement in Formula 1 #F1
2009-04-17 03:11:13 · Reply · View
photomandab: Hamilton back fastest with 25 mins to go – McLaren caught up – guess we’ll find out at the end of the session…
2009-04-17 03:04:31 · Reply · View
alex_roberts: As times start to roll in from China, curious to see if the new diffusers on McLaren and Renault help cut the gap to Brawn.
2009-04-17 02:59:37 · Reply · View
sebsf: @AlexisBP You shd ck out location, why scrd? Not gt at 2AM but where is in SF. Nr nini’s and my places. Beautiful McLaren park. Ur silly.
2009-04-17 02:49:28 · Reply · View
Ponza: Has the new diffuser made a difference?! McLaren sit one-two, while Brawn are still coming to grips with the session.
2009-04-17 02:47:54 · Reply · View
F1grid: McLaren’s Hamilton back out on circuit. They are running a new front wing and rear diffuser. #F1 #Formula1
2009-04-17 02:42:01 · Reply · View
Ponza: @f1_fans Well, based on those pics, all McLaren’s done is made the mini-wing along the brake light housing, much like…who was it, Toyota?
2009-04-17 02:36:38 · Reply · View
autosportnews: F1: McLaren fits interim diffuser for China: McLaren has become the first team to take advantage of the final gr..
2009-04-17 02:36:22 · Reply · View
paddocktalk: #f1 #formulaone interesting points stats. No points for Ferrari. 1 for McLaren (HAM), TRU has NEVER scored a point in China.
2009-04-17 02:32:47 · Reply · View
naga_jolokai: as for news on McLaren F1, i don’t think they will stand a chance without Ron Dennis
2009-04-17 02:32:39 · Reply · View
f1_fans: Just checking out the differences in the new McLaren diffuser, old: new:
2009-04-17 02:31:41 · Reply · View
MotorsportNews: F1: Hamilton and Vettel among Laureus Award nominees : McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vett..
2009-04-17 02:24:18 · Reply · View
stevebeards: Hamilton out on Super Soft compound, also Mclaren have new front wing, not on Kovi’s car
2009-04-17 02:23:59 · Reply · View
F1grid: McLaren tells Hamilton to test the front wing adjustment button. #F1 #Formula1
2009-04-17 02:22:42 · Reply · View
F1grid: McLaren tells Hamilton to do a full KERS discharge on the back straight. #F1 #Formula1
2009-04-17 02:20:15 · Reply · View
F1grid: McLaren also appear to be running some small fins on the front of the car on Hamilton’s car. #F1 #Formula1
2009-04-17 02:19:04 · Reply · View
paddocktalk: 72′ HAM out of the McLaren garage… We’ll see if this is serious or a second isntall…
2009-04-17 02:18:11 · Reply · View
F1grid: McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton is getting ready to head back out on the Shanghai circuit. #F1 #Formula1
2009-04-17 02:17:17 · Reply · View
F1grid: Ferrari are running a new front wheel fairing today. Similar to what McLaren has run all season. #F1 #Formula1
2009-04-17 02:15:59 · Reply · View
heraldnetsports: McLaren CEO Ron Dennis stepping aside : LONDON— McLaren chief executive Ron Dennis relinquished all Formula One ..
2009-04-17 02:13:40 · Reply · View
Motorsport_F1: Lewis is in it for long Ron!: LEWIS HAMILTON will stay at McLaren after his long-time boss quit Formula One last..
2009-04-17 02:12:01 · Reply · View
F1grid: McLaren running a new front wing and rear diffuser only on Hamilton’s car today. #F1 #Formula1
2009-04-17 02:09:14 · Reply · View
F1grid: McLaren are running a revised rear diffuser on Hamilton’s car. #F1 #Formula1
2009-04-17 02:08:43 · Reply · View
F1Updates: (AutoSport) McLaren fits interim diffuser for China #f1 #news #motorsport
2009-04-17 02:08:03 · Reply · View
autodrool: Dennis steps down from McLaren
2009-04-17 02:07:32 · Reply · View
F1grid: Hamilton is now out on track. Running a revised front wing on the McLaren. #F1 #Formula1
2009-04-17 02:06:37 · Reply · View
F1grid: McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton is running a revised front wing in today’s first practice session. #F1 #Formula1
2009-04-17 02:01:46 · Reply · View
rac3r: F1: McLaren announces restructuring plan
2009-04-17 02:00:38 · Reply · View
MLukaczyn: – SLR McLaren only 545K!
2009-04-17 01:49:02 · Reply · View
ScottsView: Ron Dennis steps down as McLaren Racing CEO, to lead spin-off supercar business
2009-04-17 01:45:16 · Reply · View
joejanas: McLaren Chairman Ron Dennis steps down. Big news for F1.
2009-04-17 01:35:06 · Reply · View
F1grid: Ferrari has reshuffled their trackside management team. Ron Dennis steps aside at McLaren. A week of changes in F1.
2009-04-17 01:24:45 · Reply · View
paddocktalk: Montoya had a bad race in 2005 with McLaren… Hit a steel drain cover on Turn 10. #f1 #formulaone
2009-04-17 01:23:45 · Reply · View
F1Updates: (Motorsport) F1 McLaren announces restructuring plan #f1 #news #motorsport
2009-04-17 01:21:42 · Reply · View
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