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Twitter Tweets about McLaren as of May 24, 2009

digiwombat: @bigshika They’re having a shit year because their engineers fucked up. Which is sad. McLaren and STDs are the only reasons I like NZ.
2009-05-25 03:08:44 · Reply · View
bigshika: Is apparently why McLaren is having a bad year, according to the nice lady at the museum. At least it isn’t a 17 year slump like pre-sch …
2009-05-25 03:04:59 · Reply · View
SerenitySatoru: Some recent emails … – Brian McLaren: First, although I’m deeply appreciative of many elements of Orthodox..
2009-05-25 02:38:47 · Reply · View
happy_fun_ball: I hope Mercedes Mclaren can recover the season
2009-05-25 01:50:34 · Reply · View
bigshika: Am in the Bruce McLaren museum
2009-05-25 01:47:30 · Reply · View
GTwap: A rueful Lewis apologises to McLaren team after mistake sees him crash out of Monaco quali’+ruin hopes of victory. <>
2009-05-25 01:45:46 · Reply · View
JDsRecordShop: listening to "Paris Paris – Malcolm McLaren feat. Catherine Deneuve" ?
2009-05-25 01:11:09 · Reply · View
Ryvern: After an odd day of moving and unpacking I go home to watch the race. Go Mclaren!
2009-05-25 01:00:50 · Reply · View
mudha: RT @sandbarmark @mudha There was a maj change in rules this yr. Some teams found loopholes. Others didnt, incl. McLaren (Hamiltons team) #F1
2009-05-25 00:43:29 · Reply · View
sandbarmark: @mudha There was a major change in the rules this year. Some teams found loopholes. Others didn’t, including McLaren (Hamilton’s team). #F1
2009-05-25 00:31:31 · Reply · View
dePamberVeil: @PINK_update Wirra Wirra Winery at McLaren Vale, South Australia is eagerly waiting your arrival! Cheers from Tracy
2009-05-25 00:10:27 · Reply · View
parkerportlock: lol, found out that my dad works for a company that makes electronics for the McLaren Mercedes F1 team.
2009-05-25 00:02:35 · Reply · View
TotalTrader: CNBC Report by Bill McLaren – 22 May 09
2009-05-24 23:55:12 · Reply · View
antiuser: @flc I’d go farther back. This might as well be 2004 again. Last year McLaren ended up in the front but it was a lot more competitive.
2009-05-24 23:38:31 · Reply · View
flc: @antiuser, it started off good/different, but has degraded into the same old "same old same old" just replace McLaren with Brawn
2009-05-24 23:36:24 · Reply · View
cshields: Made it to hotel in Barcelona. Need sleep. Monaco was a bummer for the McLaren Mercedes team. Hamilton crashed in qual, & Kovalainen in race
2009-05-24 22:45:09 · Reply · View
PistolPete316: Has just finished watching the Monaco GP and is wondering if Mclaren are going to get their act together, Hamilton Deserves a better car
2009-05-24 22:28:26 · Reply · View
CarNewsArchive: Formula One Hamilton to explain Australian GP incident: McLaren-Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is to meet with the FIA
2009-05-24 22:23:52 · Reply · View
Elena_Gorba: Lewis Hamilton came 12th today,he had earlier damaged his McLaren in a brush with the German at Ste Devote on the tenth lap. Sad news really
2009-05-24 22:01:59 · Reply · View
_SLAWLER_: Well it is very nice to see Ferrari back up the front and McLaren towards the Back. Still hoping for a BMW revival.
2009-05-24 21:56:18 · Reply · View
christianedward: @andybennion @rachaelbennion You guys did well in the Fantasy F1 I had run out of Brawn. Vettel, Lewis & Mclaren didn’t work out for me!
2009-05-24 21:45:25 · Reply · View
CStoneham13: My son is going for his first karking session in his Mclaren driving suit 7 & tomorrow is the birth of the next F1 superstar!! Updates soon
2009-05-24 21:29:23 · Reply · View
McLaren_Fan: #f1 Gutted about McLaren performance in Monaco today, was hoping for so much better. Hopefully they can make some progress soon. #maxout
2009-05-24 20:56:57 · Reply · View
EnginesTuning: Cars Wallpapers 2009 SLR McLaren Stirling Moss at
2009-05-24 20:55:37 · Reply · View
tarelias: I don’t know who’s worst. McLaren, whose drivers successfully prevent others to measure how their car could perform.
2009-05-24 20:52:03 · Reply · View
tarelias: Just discussed with my brother how awful BMW, McLaren and Toyota perform at this seasons F1 races.
2009-05-24 20:51:01 · Reply · View
trackf1: McLaren F1 – Monaco Grand Prix: Race results from the streets of Monte-Carlo
2009-05-24 20:35:11 · Reply · View
davebutters: How the mighty are fallen: Hamilton and McLaren eating everyone else’s rubber. But a perfect day in Monaco. Loved the race.
2009-05-24 20:31:25 · Reply · View
erinfant: just loved Malcolm McLaren – Fans – 01 – Madam Butterfly (Un Bel di Vedremo) on @hypem
2009-05-24 20:06:46 · Reply · View
therealsalmon: Lewis seems a little distracted at the moment. Is the Pussy cat doll the case. Come on McLaren, lets get back to business, Turkey is calling
2009-05-24 20:00:34 · Reply · View
therealsalmon: On another note The Monaco GP was good if you are a Brit, as Jensen won. But McLaren have a lot of work to do if Lewis is to stay No 1
2009-05-24 19:56:10 · Reply · View
Stobbzy01: @DuswinDave yeah but steve mclaren is in the running – even spragia would be better than that.
2009-05-24 19:34:10 · Reply · View
sids: @igwarrender Oh, I do get it! My reasons for the suggestion were entirely superfluous—I’m rather miffed at McLaren and in awe of Brawn.
2009-05-24 19:32:01 · Reply · View
igwarrender: @sids it takes more than one man to make or break a team don’t get me wrong if Brawn had the resources McLaren has they could win every year
2009-05-24 19:27:33 · Reply · View
simpson_steve: @dlefevre23 Agreed. Just tired of it being a handicap to them, instead of celebrating it. "McLaren Memories" book really underscores it.
2009-05-24 19:27:01 · Reply · View
CarNewsArchive: Suspended McLaren-Mercedes team member Dave Ryan, left, with driver Lewis Hamilton after meeting with FIA stewards in
2009-05-24 19:20:23 · Reply · View
isdixon: downloaded rfactor, a great racing game. Driving a 91 Mclaren ATM
2009-05-24 19:13:43 · Reply · View
jaredhead: @F1grid But to truly be McLaren, they have to be brilliant some years and rubbish other years.
2009-05-24 19:07:38 · Reply · View
jaredhead: @F1grid But to truely be McLaren, they have to be brilliant some years and rubbish for other years.
2009-05-24 19:07:08 · Reply · View
F1grid: Penske is the McLaren of the IRL. Lots of similarities between the team structure, approach, and sponsors. #F1 #Indy500
2009-05-24 19:05:58 · Reply · View
kd0bik: @Phil_G0BVD I dont have a lot 2 laugh abt. But a few years ago when Ferrari & McLaren wr battling it out, it was a lot of fun in the house
2009-05-24 18:29:35 · Reply · View
paddocknews: No points for McLaren at Monaco
2009-05-24 18:24:49 · Reply · View
sids: @igwarrender But McLaren doesn’t have Ron Dennis any more! And Brawn GP has Ross Brawn, the man responsible for the recent glory of Ferrari.
2009-05-24 18:22:44 · Reply · View
F1Updates: (Motorsport) F1 Monaco GP McLaren Mercedes race report #f1 #news #motorsport
2009-05-24 18:21:13 · Reply · View
Shizzaam: It was GREAT hanging w/Dr. Brandon McLaren.My day is off 2 a great start.Next stop, my cousins house.He just closed on his 1st home. 🙂
2009-05-24 18:15:44 · Reply · View
F1Updates: (Pitpass) F1 Monaco GP Race notes McLaren #f1 #news #motorsport
2009-05-24 18:08:48 · Reply · View
mattywlkr: Good to see the Reds finish on a win. Bad day for Hamilton & McLaren, hopefully things change at Turkey.
2009-05-24 18:02:09 · Reply · View
mylapa: This might be fun to go today.. RT @East_bay Sun 5/24 SF Mclaren Pk live music, clowns, activities4kids (
2009-05-24 17:45:12 · Reply · View
motor_racing: F1: Monaco GP race quotes: McLaren-Mercedes: McLaren-Mercedes reacts to the result of the..
2009-05-24 17:39:00 · Reply · View
kd0bik: @Phil_G0BVD Thank you Phil…she’s doing well. Of course, she didn’t have a good F1 weekend (she supports McLaren). 🙂
2009-05-24 17:28:07 · Reply · View
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