Unclaimed Powerball Jackpots Add Up To Serious Cash

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Unclaimed Powerball Jackpots Add Up To Serious Cash

Unclaimed Powerball Jackpots Add Up To Serious Cash

Do Powerball lottery winners keep their tickets in a safe place?

Twice in recent years, two winning jackpot tickets have gone unclaimed. A winning ticket sold in Georgia went unclaimed for a $77.1 million jackpot drawn on June 29, 2011. Two years later, a winning ticket from Florida went unclaimed. The drawing, held on May 25, 2013, had two other winning jackpot tickets.

It is hard to imagine why a winning ticket would go unclaimed. The assumption is the winning tickets are lost. It is unknown if the purchasers are even aware of their win.

But it’s not just the large jackpots that go unclaimed. According to CNN, billions of dollars go unclaimed for smaller winning tickets that match some but not all of the winning numbers.

Unclaimed winning tickets is not unique to just Powerball. The Mega Millions Lottery also has its share of unclaimed tickets. The TX Lottery issued a press release on August 15 of this year as a final warning to a $1 million jackpot winner.

How To Keep Your Ticket Safe

Experts offer advice for keeping your lottery tickets safe. One way to keep track of your lotto tickets is to always keep them in safe, secure place. Preferably keep them in a safe or security box in the home if you have one available. These provide waterproof and fireproof features and will sufficiently keep your tickets and other valuable possessions safe. Always store your lottery tickets in the same location so you know how to find them easily when needed.

If you happen to be a big winner, experts will recommend storing the ticket in a safety deposit box until you have your team in place to wisely claim your winnings. One important note is to leave your ticket unsigned. There is no reason to rush into claiming your prize from lottery headquarters and there is also no reason to rush signing the ticket.

The Lottery Won’t Award Winnings Without Clear Proof and a Clean Ticket

Powerball and other lotteries will reject tickets if they are illegible, excessively worn or otherwise damaged. A man in Los Angeles sued the CA Lottery in 2016 over a $63 million jackpot he says he won with a SuperLotto Plus ticket. The California Lottery denied the claim, reporting the ticket was damaged.


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